YouTube: Best Practices for Increasing Views (2018)

By on September 24, 2018

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It’s no surprise that YouTube is the number one video streaming platform on the Internet – with roughly 22 million YouTube Users, it’s the best kind of social media tool for businesses to use in order to gain more exposure for their brand. If you’re like any business or brand, you probably are utilizing the power of YouTube by creating videos, commercials, and other kinds of movie clips to promote your brand’s message.

While it’s obvious people use YouTube, it’s shockingly surprising not many videos are viewed by most people. To get more YouTube views on your videos is a very tough challenge for bloggers and other individuals as well. Trying to get to the top could mean spending a ton of money to promote your content; some are even pretty desperate and instead of getting organic views, they resort to buying them.

Increasing your YouTube views can appear to be frustrating, but don’t let that stress you moving forward. Today we have created a simple guide to help you grow your audience naturally:

  1. Long Lengthy Video Title

One of the best ways to increase and engage your audience to clicking and viewing your YouTube video is to come up with an interesting video title. Here are some things to consider:

  • How engaging and catchy it is for the eye
  • How many important keywords you use within your title
  • Figuring out which part of the title is immediately visible when people search YouTube or when they see your video thumbnail in YouTube generated related videos

If you consider all of the above to create a title, it should be around 100 characters. With that said, your title should be unique and descriptive while still showing in search without a cut off. You should be making sure that title not only describes what is happening in the video and contains key phrases you have already researched, but it is also attention grabbing enough that people will want to click on it.

When you decide on your unique video title, make sure you consider the following:

  • Including the important names and entitles (your interviewee, event name, branded hashtag, featured brand name, etc.)
  • Location
  • Your important keyword you’d like the video to show up for
  1. Make Your Descriptions Longer

Like the lengthy title, your video description should also be longer too. Video and channel descriptions are another valuable resource for drawing traffic to all of your content. In descriptions, YouTube allows up to 5,000 characters, which is equivalent to words between 500 and 700.

When writing these descriptions, it’s important you make it original so that search engines can easily understand what your video is about and what search queries to rank for it. The best lengthy description is around 2,000 characters for videos and 3,000 for channels.

  1. Choose the Best Thumbnail

Aside from your title of your video, the thumbnail can also be the source of the first impression. In short, the thumbnail should be interesting and eye-catching for someone to want to click your video. And it should also be attracting viewers to also want to stay and continue to watch the entire video.

  1. Encourage Existing Viewers to Subscribe

Get the people who are already watching and enjoying your videos to subscribe to your channel. They are great sources for potential views for future content. And as you may know, once they click the subscribe button, they have the option to choose to be notified every time you upload new content. This will bring in instant views every time you release a new video.

The simplest way to get existing viewers to subscribe is to ask them to subscribe. At the end of each of your videos, add a call to action asking users to subscribe to your channel. And include a link in your video description that makes it easy for them to do so.

  1. Ask Your Audience What They Want to See

Asking your audience what they want to see is a great tactic to get them involved. It also just shows that you care and are open to hearing what they have to say. When you deliver the content your audience wants to see is a guaranteed way to build viewer loyalty and keep people coming back for more. Let your audience know and have them leave you comments below regarding ideas for new content they’d like to see next. When you listen to your audience, they will stick around. It’s a highly effective method.

  1. Use Playlists to Keep People Watching

Research shows that “top-performing brands” on YouTube are most successful with views when they use playlists. It’s simply because when you watch YouTube that auto-plays to the next video, it’s much harder to pull yourself out of the online video rabbit hole when the videos just keep playing. Think about it: when watching the video, you might not want to watch another video enough to click play, but do you want to stop watching enough to hit stop? If the content is great, you’re probably going to keep watching.

Want to create a playlist?

  1. Navigate to the first video you want to include in the playlist
  2. Click Add to
  3. Find an existing playlist, or select Create a new playlist (and then name that playlist).
  4. Choose your playlists’ privacy setting. Since you’re aiming for YouTube views, you’ll likely want to keep it Public.

Why get a playlist? Playlists can really help you…

  • Boost the chances to rank your video content for a wider variety of phrases (which is also helpful for brand-focused results).
  • Enhance and develop your engagement rate with your videos for giving your audience collections of videos so that they can sit back and watch endlessly.
  1. Feature Your Videos on Your Site

The best and obvious yet missed tactic is to increase your YouTube channel performance by displaying your videos on your site. It’s quite obvious as you think about it; the more views your videos have, the more exposure YouTube offers to your content through suggesting your videos as related.

The most effective ways to generate more views for your channel is to simply just promote your videos outside of YouTube, for instance, use your blog and social media channels. Promoting it daily or weekly will help to increase those numbers.

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