10 Reasons To Source User Generated Content Video Clips #YouTube

By on October 28, 2013
user generated content video

With user generated content, video marketing has become that much more powerful for the small business social media manager. These community-made videos allow you to relax your content creation schedule or they add a new dimension to your strategy 화이트 앨범. Today I’m going to give you some incredible reasons why your company needs these videos.

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#1: These videos are done by brand advocates or community members, which furthers your word of mouth marketing in a way that extends your brand reach, without any financial investment on your part BlueStackn.

#2: User generated content video saves you time and effort All I can do is. It helps you feed the always-hungry content monster, and this in turn ensures that your social media fans do not go without their daily fix from your brand 건물 아이콘 무료 다운로드.

#3: Sears has over 33,000 user generated content videos. The brand specifically pushes for community content contributions because they have been proven to generate more sales directly on their website 카카오톡 내정보. They also generate offsite sales in-store via mobile phones.

#4: Videos that are created by your fans are done instantly. A highly engaged brand should be able to source multiple videos from their fans in just a few hours 대건물주. Imagine needing content for a product launch, and all you have to do is get it from your fans!

#5: There are few endorsements more powerful than a video of your company’s brand advocate, who is telling other people something great about you 유니버스 샌드박스 2. This adds authority to your brand in ways that text content simply can’t do.

user generated content video

Courtesy of theverge.com

#6: These user generated content video clips can be highly viral, if you tie them to a competition and get your fans to do something interesting 4K application. The more people take part, the more likely it will be that your brand gains viral video exposure. Free PR!

#7: Many of the videos are surprisingly insightful, and done by fans that really care 동영상 캡쳐 프로그램. Whether they are product reviews, recommendations, testimonials or fan appreciation videos, you can learn a lot about your brand sentiment from these videos.

#8: With enough of these user generated content video clips, you can motivate tens of thousands of people to engage with your brand. More likes, more interactions, more sign-ups – your pages will be buzzing after some of these videos.

#9: Studies indicate that poor-medium quality phone videos from your fans are more authentic, so people believe them and they have real weight when someone is using them to decide whether or not to buy from you.

#10: Perhaps the most valuable social commodity of all is increased when you source user generated content video clips from your fans – likability! People will see that other people like you, and in turn will be more inclined to like your brand.

As you can see user generated content video really hits the spot when it comes to innovative ways to find, share and create content for your social properties. Video is usually an unexplored medium for the small business social manager, but with returns like this – I would heartily advise you to create a strategy that secures this content for you.

Do you think user generated video has a place in your future social marketing strategy? If not, why?

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