10 Skills To Perfect As a Dynamic Social Media Manager!

By on August 14, 2013
social media manager

A social media manager is someone that has to have a lot of fingers in all kinds of pies. From creating copy, images and video, to managing schedules and analysing data – there is no doubt that a modern social manager has to be multi-talented Download The Yoon Gothic 360. So today, I’m taking a look at 10 dominant skills that you will need to hone as a social media manager.

#1: Perfect Your Writing Skill

Let’s be honest, it’s text online that people care about 곰플레이어 한글판 다운로드. This is what forms the foundation for all communication on social media platforms. You need to know about grammar, structure, voice, style, tone and formatting Download the movie Naughty Kiss. Never stop learning!

#2: Search Engine Optimization

As a social manager it’s always a good idea to be ‘in the loop’ about the latest SEO techniques and practices Download Starbucks music. Read books about it, and subscribe to blogs like Moz. Run your own tests and find out what works for your particular brand 동물 철권 2 apk.

#3: A Keen Eye For Design

You may not be ‘creating’ images for your social pages, but even if you aren’t you will still need to choose great images to complement your other media 인터넷 동영상. Study up on web design, graphic design and sales-orientated design.

#4: A News Blood Hound

What’s happening right now in the news 크롬 실시간 동영상? If you don’t know, you need to develop your news skills. Follow breaking news and relevant stories to stay up to date on current affairs and potential themes you can use in your social content 노트북 펜 다운로드.

#5: Community Management

Whether it’s chatting to some followers on Twitter, or defusing a Youtube troll-off, or enforcing the group policy rules on LinkedIn – a social media manager will always require tip-top community management skills fedora iso 다운로드. A positive attitude, a set of rules and conventions and a friendly disposition all need to be fostered.

#6: Have a Focus on Technology

Social media and new technology are linked 고릴라어플 다운로드. That’s it. You need to know about things like mobile app tech, new software, latest tech trends and so on to be a good social media manager. Learn about social technology online at least twice a week.

social media manager

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#7: Improve Your Bean Counting Skills

Working with analytics begins with knowing about technology so that you can choose the right partner platform to use. Once you have done this, you need to make sure that all of your core analytics are being collected for later use.

#8: Insights and Important Decisions

Once you have all of your charts, graphs and raw data it’s time to turn this into decisions. Practice drawing insights from your data, and then use these insights to make informed decisions about your new weekly strategy.

#9: Goal Setting and Delivery

Strategy is broken down into tactics. Large goals are broken down into micro-goals. Work on your goal setting and achievement ability, and create systems that improve speed, process and make your job easier on a daily basis. The best social media strategies are systematized, piece by piece knocking out small goals and achieving the large ones.

#10: Be a Competition Spy

What is your competition doing? If you don’t know, it’s now your job to know. Become a spy and regularly review the social strategies of other brands for inspiration and ideas. This is what all competent social media managers should do.

With these 10 skills you will be better equipped to handle all of your social media management duties. Plus, you’ll be able to do a little extra and differentiate yourself as a content communicator that knows how to build community excitement online.

Which skill do you think is most important, and which is least important in this list? Tell me why.

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John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the About.com Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.

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