10 Tips To Monetize Your Twitter Page

By on October 17, 2011

How do you make money from running a Twitter page for your business? That’s the question we look at in detail today. Twitter is not as simple to figure out as social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, but it can be a highly lucrative platform for your business Download My Uncle 6. Implement some of these ten tips to monetize your Twitter page.

#1: Use Your Background Space

Get a custom design created for your Twitter page that promotes your other pages, business or products that you sell Download my people stickers. This space is free to use, so use it! Marketers that have great background info go on to get more clicks, follows and sales.

#2: Tweet About Trends

You want to get more followers on your page, so keep up with the daily trends – and include them in your tweets Download mysql database. Tweeting trending topics is a great way to source new followers, and drive more traffic to your websites.

#3: Use Links!

Tweets that contain links are retweeted more often than tweets that don’t Download the paparazzi. If you want a tweet to go viral, or to syndicate properly – say it with a link. Just use your tweet space to promote the link, instead of trying to cram a story in 140 characters Cultshow Legends collection mp3.

#4: Add Photos

People love to see that who they’re interacting with on Twitter – are real. Add unique photos to your Twitter feed that promote your business mib browser 다운로드. The key is to keep these photos unique to your Twitter page, so don’t syndicate them anywhere else.

#5: Blog Product Punts

Punting a product gets very little response on Twitter, unless you’re a corporate giant with an excellent deal Download Moonwalker. Instead, shape a blog post around your product, and promote the post. Include great info, and make it relevant for more clicks.

#6: Free Offers

If you’re giving something away on Twitter, you need to find an interesting way to offer it to your community 나가수 다운로드. A lot of ‘free’ things are given away on this platform that end up being spam, or worse. Include a link and a friendly, witty comment.

#7: Real World Promotion

If your business exists in the real world, you need to let your customers know that you’re on Twitter Download logitech g hub. Instead of running an online Twitter promo, do one in real life – where a client gets the prize. Post the results and photos on Twitter!

#8: Help Other Sellers

Retweet the links and product placements of other Twitter users, then shoot them a message to say that you’ve helped them Download the http file. Do this often enough, and you’ll build an army of people that are always willing to retweet your posts.

#9: Advertise on Twitter

Take advantage of Twitters sponsored tweets, or become a promoted business. Really, this is the only sure-fire way to build a large following in no time on the platform. If your community is a little thin, start here.

#10: Tweet on Facebook

Add your Twitter stream to your Facebook page. It will help filter some Facebook fans over to the microblogging platform. You could also run Twitter promotions on your Facebook page, and drive new traffic there that way.

How do you monetize Twitter? Is there something specific we’ve left out? Please let us know, under the post!

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