11 Tips To Becoming The Jedi Master of SEO On Your Blog #SEO

By on December 2, 2013
Jedi master of SEO

A Jedi master of SEO is someone who can navigate the precarious search engine landscape to build a top ranking for their niche blog. All it takes is some training on the field of battle to light saber your way to more views, more clicks and better engagement cdspace 6. Today I’m bringing you some powerful SEO tips and as Yoda says, ‘learn them you must.’

In the spirit of dragging Star Wars into my post on mastering SEO, here’s a fun fact: Not once in any of the 3 prequels did a real clone trooper appear Lee Sun-hee's relationship. They were all CG images!

Ranking Wars: Using The SEO Force

#1: High quality content is a must-have after Hummingbird 스트라이커즈 1945 1. Quality can be defined as relevant, interesting, valuable, engaging and unique.

#2: Next year and beyond, most search will be mobile Download kyunghee logo. Optimizing for it now will help your blog stay on top, and not disappear into a galaxy far, far away.

#3: To be a Jedi master of SEO, focus on long-tail keywords coupled with local area-centric keywords Download StyleCad. People often search like this: New droids for sale South Florida.

#4: Use the force to attract more inbound links from high authority niche blogs Enjoy stop. These links will mean more than outbound links, much more. In fact, stick to less than 5 links per post.

#5: Every Jedi has a Sith looking to steal their traffic and engagement Download Orbit All Bit. To be a master of SEO you must do valuable competition research and have a competition strategy in place.

Jedi master of SEO

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#6: Your meta details don’t directly help with search, but they DO cause people to click on them 드라마 라이프. Optimize yours with calls to action, a Google photo and a cliffhanger!

#7: A Jedi master of SEO understands that engagement rules Download the Naruto game. Use your blog network and social platforms to encourage mass interactions on each blog post. The more the better.

#8: Never ever create content shorter than 300 words dowd subtitles. All of your SEO content needs to be longer – 800 words or more. Posts with multiple perspectives, works well.

#9: Keywords are just not as important as they once were. Keep your little keyword droids between 1-2% maximum. Keyword stuffing is a major offense.

#10: Optimize your images as a second layer of defense against the Google storm troopers. Learn to use the alt text and description area like a Jedi master of SEO.

#11: Finally, be like Luke and the death star – find your blogs weaknesses! Use Google Analytics, split testing and heat map tools to improve content design and impact.

If you follow these excellent tips, you will become a Jedi master of SEO – which is not a real thing, but it’s fun to think about anyway, which is my final point. Google wants you as a blogger to be ENTERTAINING more than anything else. They focus on interactions, visits and weight from incoming links to determine HOW entertaining you are.

Never forget to pepper your blog content with entertaining pop culture references, so that more people will associate with your blog posts. Being a Jedi master of SEO is the easiest job in the world if you understand that entertainment and effort drive SEO impact.

The rest is up to you!

Test out these tips, create a pop culture post and link it back here – I will pop around and have a look. I might even leave some pointers for you!

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