15 Quick-Fire Pinterest Marketing Tactics For 2013 #Pinterest

By on August 29, 2013
Pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing is about to increase with the coming holidays already tantalizing marketers everywhere. Your brand needs to be able to take your Pinterest boards and make them convert browsers into buyers hdri. The only way to do this is by employing some unique techniques people have discovered over the past year.

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#1: Do you write ebooks? Try pinning your ebook images to your pinterest boards to drive more traffic to your sales pages Core Gothic e. Pinterest marketing is built for ebook sales.

#2: Are you using product pins? One of the 3 rich pin types – product pins – will automatically notify your audience when your product prices drop 칩셋 드라이버.

#3: Are you pinning infographics? An infographic is a great way to explain something complex in a simple, visually attractive way ppsspp 철권 다운로드. These are great for bloggers.

#4: Not on Pinterest for business yet? Without analytics you can’t hope to optimize your page, and you won’t be able to take advantage of their rich pins feature Secure shell.

#5: Do you market to women there? Pinterest is now 87% female, so pull up your socks and dust off your female-focused images and content to share on your boards 슈퍼 배드 게임.

#6: Do you promote your site there? In a recent survey, Pinterest held 81% trust for users, which means that you will get more unsolicited testimonials about your products here Download the kj certification tool.

#7: Have you been offering things on Pinterest? A sale is just a click away when 47% of users on Pinterest act on on-site offers YouTube Country Limited. Start taking photos of those great products.

#8: Focus on quantity! It has been proven that people love to spend up to 89 minutes on Pinterest at a time Adobe Photoshop trial. Make your boards worth investigating for these 89 minutes!

Pinterest marketing

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#9: Push the younger products. Evidence suggests that Pinterest users are between the ages of 18 and 34, meaning they are hankering for younger products to buy.

#10: Boards with the phrase ‘for the home’ are visited most often, followed by ‘my style’ and ‘products I love’ – if you can get your products on these boards more often, it will pay!

#11: Pinterest has a powerful click-through rate for brands that spend time making sure their boards are engaging. 3-5 pieces of content per day is ideal for Pinterest marketing sales.

#12: Do you have a re-pinning strategy? Evidence suggests that curating complimentary niche content can cause a groundswell of traffic to your blog.

#13: Pinterest descriptions may have space for 500 characters, but sticking to the tweet-like 160 is far better for users who don’t like to mess up the grid-look with uneven pins.

#14: Focus on powerful unique images on your blog and add it to your pin board. Then add the ‘pin it’ widget right next to your incredible, original blog images.

#15: Conduct your own scan research. What catches your eye when you scan the boards? Why does it catch your eye? How can you make your pins more eye-catching. Research!

Use these 15 Pinterest marketing tips to guarantee that your boards are bustling and busy with pinners that are dying to be converted into buyers, fans and advocates!

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