3 Expert Tips to Tweak Your Inefficient Marketing Campaigns for Higher Conversion Rates [Infographic]

By on October 21, 2019

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Even though many consider email marketing as the traditional marketing tool, it still sits on the throne of successive and effective marketing campaigns 만다라트 다운로드. With astounding 99% of people checking their email every day, some even 20 times a day, this remains the most reliable way to get your message through to consumers and potential clients and increase sales 자바스크립트 pdf 파일.

For many businesses, emails generate the highest ROI, with a median of 122% in 2016, which is 4 times higher than any other digital channel out there 구글드라이브 공유 다운로드. But still, research has shown that 59% of B2B companies are still not using email marketing 촉수로 세뇌 컴퓨터. This represents a great opportunity for marketing executives to diversify their strategies and increase sales.

But with more than 281 billion emails sent and received each day, with the estimated rise to more than 347 billion by 2022, it can be and will be increasingly difficult to stand out in the ocean of annoying, badly written emails and actually reach your target audience BlueStack 3.

If you are already playing the email marketing game, then you probably know the rules. Have a targeted email list, set a clear goal, choose the right email type, have a killer subject line and CTR, write an amazing copy, make sure the design is attractive, etc Download msxml 3.0. So you passed the email protection system and you have complied with the B2B email marketing experts ́ formula for engaging campaigns that generate sales but you aren’t getting desired results 스파이더맨 홈커밍 한글자막?

Here are some not-so-often shared tips that many professionals keep for themselves, which are guaranteed to make a huge difference for your existing email marketing campaigns:

1 Crossfire.      Provide relevant information

We all know what makes a great email marketing copy that drives sale – short, personalized, well-formatted text that grasps the reader’s attention right from the start and emotionally connects with them, with complementing images and an appealing CTA 하백의 신부 외전.

But what seems to interest the audience the most is concrete, factual content which can be of value to them, rather than the sales-focused storyline 마인크래프트 탈출맵 무료 다운로드. These include research, case studies, white papers, graphs, etc., anything that can positively impact their decision to opt for your services.

2.      The sender’s name is the new subject line

The longstanding belief was and still is that the recipient will open an email if the subject line is appealing enough. But it seems that who the email comes from makes a bigger difference since 64% of recipients decide whether to open the email based on who is the sender, while only 47% makes that decision based on the topic of the email.

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So you might witness better results if your email comes not from your company or a general address, but if it comes from a specific individual with whom they might connect on a more social level. This can improve your open and click-through rate by 15-35%! And with 89% of businesses making this mistake, you will definitely stand out.

3.      Find the right balance in communication

When the most cited reason (46%) for unsubscribing from an email list is receiving too much of them, you know you will lose your audience if you overwhelm them. But not communicating enough can make them forget about you. Sending one email in total is definitely not the best strategy, the same as sending one every day. So what is the optimal amount?

This is a tricky question and depends mostly on your target audience. You could segment it based on their interests, and test sending out emails on a weekly, 2-weeks, and per month basis, and see how your audience reacts.

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