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By on July 17, 2013
YouTube tips

Though some marketers believe to succeed on YouTube takes nothing more than kittens and bacon, there are always new tips that you can integrate into your video marketing strategies 신나는 클럽노래. Today, I’m talking about 3 mission-critical tips that will help you get more views, shares and comments – even when you only have a few videos live on the platform Large download of music.

#1: Reverse Engineering Blog Strategy for YouTube

In a great blog strategy, if you urgently need extra readers and traffic for a product launch, or because you’re not getting any interactions there – you would naturally guest post to attract new community members CoreTemp. The same can be done on YouTube, which is often referred to as a video blog, or vlog. If your videos aren’t gaining enough ground, it’s time to seek out some existing YouTube stars in your niche candlelight feast.

Even small channels in your niche that have 100,000 or so subscribers are well worth cozying up to. Send a polite email to the YouTube celebrity, requesting that they review your product, or speak about your business 산돌공병각펜. Instantly you can expect a flood of traffic from their networks. It’s a nice rinse and repeat strategy that should always be used for beginners.

#2: Humor Opens Up Additional Revenue Streams

There are thousands of YouTube channels online that are purely dedicated to interesting, strange or funny videos Download lggram. Depending on your niche, you can take advantage of this by including at least one ‘gimmick’ in your videos that makes it highly sharable. I’ve worked with a brand that included a really funny fall at the end of a short 30 second video Age of Misology.

They then sent this video link to 30-50 curators that love to post ‘falls’ for their community of subscribers. In a matter of days, their video was shared with over 200,000 people, and they gained about 3000 new subscribers to their own channel from the effort 워킹데드 시즌10 1화. Take advantage of these curation channels, and send your gimmick videos to these feeds when you can.

#3: Tags Are Like Candy For YouTube

YouTube tags

Courtesy of VidIQ.com

There are some fundamental ways that YouTube videos differ from other strategies like blogs and Facebook 게임 러스트 다운로드. We are told to fear the inimical Google monster, so we limit the amount of tags that we use when optimizing videos. But recent research by VidIQ has proven that adding 4 or less tags to your video is a bad practice 공룡송 다운로드.

You should actually be adding 18-19 tags for EVERY video – starting with the most relevant tag and working your way backwards from there. VidIQ showed that 4 tags will only get you about 300 views, while 16 or more can get you 1500 views. With 58% of YouTube views discovered due to search, this new tag strategy is definitely mission-critical.

These 3 tips should help the small business owner ramp up their views, subscribers and interactions on YouTube. Don’t forget to engage the people that comment on your YouTube channel, it can be the biggest mistake ever to turn off comments because YouTube is full of spam. If your fans are going to watch your videos, they need to be able to share their opinion about it with the world.

Which mission-critical YouTube tip did you find most interesting?

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