3 Ways Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

By on July 19, 2018

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In the last decade, social media use has evolved dramatically to become an integral part of daily life, while also giving birth to numerous industries, from communication to entertainment, advertising, and marketing. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that nearly 70 percent of Americans use social media on a daily basis in 2018, up from just 5 percent in 2005 aix 5.3.

With the overwhelming number of people who utilize social media every day, it makes sense for businesses to employ the technology as a marketing device. Social media fuels customer interaction and brand awareness, and it’s easy to implement into your company’s marketing plan.

Whether you make use of social media as a channel for innovative tools such as permission marketing or as a platform for sharing your brand’s unique story, social media can help solidify your brand and keep customers engaged in a number of ways Download the total sound effects. Social media goes hand in hand with brand awareness by:

1. Providing Personalized Marketing Rather than Targeted Advertisements

The world’s first online advertisement was launched in 1994, back when home-based computers were relatively rare and most people had never even heard of the Internet. More than 30 years later, online advertising rakes in an estimated $50 billion annually, with targeted ads playing a major role in the industry Download Intel's built-in graphics driver.

However, targeted ads based on a person’s search history or shopping habits, and collected using cookies or other forms of Internet tracking, are losing steam where promotion and brand awareness are concerned. With myriad options at their fingertips, consumers in the digital age have grown tired of “in-your-face” marketing tactics, preferring more subtle forms of advertising, such as permission marketing Cory.

When a potential customer subscribes to your company’s newsletter or allows you to send informational emails upon placing an order, he or she is effectively giving you the greenlight to promote your brand. This is an example of permission marketing at work.

Modern consumers typically prefer passive forms of advertising rather than seemingly invasive tactics, and permission marketing may have financial benefits for your brand as well 인벤터 도면. You may find that, with social media-based permission marketing, your marketing costs dip and conversion rates increase.

2. Helping Customers Discover Your Brand’s Underlying Mission

Brand awareness is much more than just simple knowledge about your company’s products and services 19 games downloaded. Today’s consumers are increasingly selective, because they can be. If sustainability is important to a particular person, for instance, he or she may look for a company with a low carbon footprint or one that boasts a strong commitment to social responsibility. So if your company gives back to the local community or supports charitable organizations, make that fact known to potential customers online 500 days of summer.

Social media provides a way for people to promote their passions and favorite causes, and most people happily share their personal brand experience with their friends and followers. Communication channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, therefore, are ideal platforms for spreading your brand’s mission and features to an audience that cares Download Mario Party nds.

3. Allowing You to Easily Circulate Your Story

According to 2017 data, consumers trust reviews from real people regarding a brand’s quality or reliability, especially in the form of an online review. According to Inc., 84 percent of consumers believe that online reviews are just as trustworthy as a recommendations provided via word-of mouth abap alv Excel.

From restaurant reviews on Yelp to objective product testing videos on YouTube, real-world experience from actual people is a major element within your brand’s story, bringing your brand to life in a powerful way. These honest reviews can make or break a company — either thrusting your brand into the spotlight or nudging it towards obscurity.

According to industry insiders, social media is firmly situated among the most powerful digital marketing trends of 2018, and you can easily use the platform to your advantage Download the movie Lion King. Social media acts as a podium that can elevate your brand above the competition and help build long-term relationships with a loyal customer base.


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