5 Powerful Pinterest Techniques To Keep Your Fans Pinning #Pinterest

By on July 19, 2013
Pinterest tips

Pinterest is growing, and with the already valuable click-through rates, there is little preventing you from becoming a Pinterest master. Then again your pins need to entice, intrigue and be highly viral to get you those additional sales, and that’s what you need to work on 기적의 피아노 다운로드! That’s why today I’m focusing on 5 powerful techniques that will keep your fans pinning, interacting, sharing and smiling.

#1: Use The Pricing Details Function

If you want to sell directly on Pinterest, don’t hide it Download the secret of the Fire Emblem crest. There’s a designated area now for direct product sales, where you can include pricing for even more clicks. This is exciting as you can search for products similar to yours, and compete for clicks and sales based on price Puppet. This has never been possible on a social platform before now.

#2: Be An Advice Board

I am noticing the rise of popular advice boards on Pinterest, where instead of direct marketing that doesn’t work on the platform – they are adding really good pieces of advice, tips and techniques to their images 인감증명서 위임장. Women – the main users of Pinterest, absolutely love them. A single advice post can be so much more viral than simply pinning a nice image.

#3: Create Amazing Quote Pins

Everyone on Pinterest can’t get enough of those attractive quote pins that everyone shares to improve their day 루인스 다운로드. Take your niche and create some striking, inspirational quote pins and see how widely they are shared. Why not do some cheeky pins as well, for the pinners out there that enjoy sharing ironic, or edgy quote pins 대항해시대1?

#4: Create Mashup Images

Sharing images on Pinterest is great, but creating unique images for the platform will get you a much higher return on your time and financial investment Download windows 10 kn iso. Use mashup images to present interesting ideas to your pinners, by combining different elements in the same niche. A lady in a nice outfit, with that outfit deconstructed

Pinterest tips

Courtesy of medianovak.com

#5: Use Pinterest Hashtags on Facebook

Selecting a Pinterest hashtag is no longer only about using it on Pinterest 고속 충전 다운로드. You already know that you can connect Pinterest and Facebook together, so why not do the same thing with your hashtags 현수막 디자인? With your optimized 20 character long description, always use a prominent hashtag, so that when you publish to Facebook the interactions keep on coming 짱구 13기 다운로드.

With these 5 powerful Pinterest techniques you can turn any board into a winner. Keep looking around at other boards to see what people like to share and pin themselves. Always base your image choices on past images that your fans have loved and shared. That way, you are guaranteed to create some highly viral posts in the near future.

In the meantime, use a site like Pinerly.com as your individual site dashboard. It will help you measure the impact of each pin, and displays the details to you in some easy-to-use graphics. No we are not affiliated with Pinerly, but it is a very good dashboard if you want to ramp up those pins, shares and interactions.

Which Pinterest marketing tip did you find most useful today?

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