5 Profound Ways Social Media Benefits Email Marketing #Email

By on November 22, 2013
benefits email marketing

What benefits email marketing more than nearly any other kind of marketing tactic? Social media of course! When you integrate social media into your email marketing campaigns, you can experience huge leaps in your email conversions, which means more profit and engagement for your small business brand 윈도우10 한글 언어팩.

Cross promotion is not only platform specific, it’s tactic-specific, which means that you can ‘socialize’ your email campaigns by adding in some unique social elements 마이크로소프트 익스플로러 11 다운로드.

#1: Your Email Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are growing in popularity, as they are used across nearly all of the main social media networks Download Hancom 2014 vp. To capitalize on your next event, launch an email hashtag promotion that invites your fans to follow a story, promotion, competition or blog series via a hashtag fastcopy 다운로드.

It benefits email marketing because it converts your email subscriber into an active social fan that will engage with your brand. Any good marketer knows that the more engagement you get, the closer you are to making those sales 게임 녹스 다운로드.

#2: Flickr and Instagram For The Win

It’s common knowledge online that few images convert as well as Instagram photos, and you can use these or your images from Flickr or Pinterest to build yourself an engaging (instead of static or flat) product line-up 90s ballad. Including fan comments and likes increases the likelihood that your email subscriber will engage, share or buy your recommended products.

#3: Fan Appreciation Strategy

Fan appreciation really benefits email marketing in that it allows the rest of your email list to see how much you value, and reward, your social media fans Download Windows 10 rs5. Include competition winners, top commenters and top engagers – to showcase who they are to your list. Free promotion for them, means increased sharing and engagement potential for you 워너원 폰트!

benefits social media

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#4: Crowdsourced Email Commenting

Email can be very boring, especially when you’re hearing the same brand-speak every week Download notepad for free. Spice things up by including the best quotes from your fans, across all of your social media properties. This benefits email marketing conversions, as it gives your campaign a social value – for the fans included and their networks, and for your online reputation Download Food Orbit.

#5: Add Fan & Expert Endorsements

An uncommon tactic in integrated social email marketing is to use both expert testimonials AND fan testimonials. If you are selling a product for example, it adds value to see endorsements from experts, but at the end of the day the experts are not ‘using’ the product. Adding fan testimonials and endorsements can really boost your sales.

Always use real fan and expert photos when you use this tactic, and clearly mark who your experts are and who your fans are. This benefits email marketing because it allows your potential buyers to see two sides to the sales coin – and transparency like this means sales!

By adding these into your next campaign you will see how social media benefits email marketing for yourself. My advice would be to split test your results, to see which social elements would best compliment your various email blasts. Make sure that your audience is segmented, and that you have some decent tracking software in place.

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Growing your email list, extending your reach and really connecting with your audience is not as easy as it looks! How have you managed to increase your email subscribers lately?

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