5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have a Mobile App

By on July 10, 2018

In today’s digital age, the prevalent use of mobile apps by all ages has contributed to a 6% year on year growth that is predicted to continue rising root explorer apk 다운로드. Stiff competition has extended the opportunity for even small businesses to enjoy the luxury of a business app solely customized for the sales of their products and services Download Transformers 2. 42% of small businesses in the US have been found to utilize apps in a 2017 study by Clutch, and the number is forecasted to grow to 67% this year 대성스카이프.

If you don’t already have an app tailored for your customers, here are 5 reasons to get started on developing one Baidu material.

  1. Market directly to your customers

An app do so much more than just handle transactions 두콩 스타크래프트. Through mobile apps, businesses can release general information, event details, updates and even special promotions directly to the customer. Such easy access provides customers with a one-stop platform where everything your customers need is at their fingertips Mzk latest. Additionally, mobile apps provide push notifications to engage your user, which are more eye-catching and have lower costs than email marketing.

  1. Engage your customers

With minimal censorship on social media platforms, consumers freely share their thoughts online and occasionally expose companies to unnecessary risks with negative reviews 독일어 교재. It will make it easier to manage and deal with bad reviews by customizing your business app as a feedback channel Download Kingsman Secret Agent. This allows businesses to address any feedbacks directly, mitigating miscommunication and bad publicity which often happens on public platforms.

  1. Gain insights

Knowing how your customers are interacting with your brand is crucial, as it helps you to improve your products and services windows xp pe 다운로드. With a business app, it will be much easier to collect quality data about your customers so that you can optimize your business model for greater customer satisfaction Download hp SolutionCenter. For instance, you can identify which are the most or least popular products and quickly take appropriate actions to improve your business strategy.

  1. Enhance your branding

Brand visibility is crucial in increasing brand awareness to as many potential customers as possible. With a mobile app, users are continuously exposed to your brand and business each time they are on their smartphone. With the average user spending 80% to 90% of the time spent on their smartphone on apps, constant exposure with having an app and easy access would help increase brand awareness and in turn purchase tendency. Just make sure that your app functions smoothly and has a beautiful app design that your customers will associate you with.

  1. Improve brand loyalty

Loyalty programs are popular strategies when it comes to customer retention. Instead of troubling customers to carry a physical card for reward points, utilize your app to enhance customers’ satisfaction. Apart from creating convenience for your customers, an electronic loyalty program allows better management of the system and attracts a new pool of customers. Statistics show that 73% of consumers are more inclined to join a loyalty program if it is convenient to access their reward points.


When developed and managed properly, a mobile app can be an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Bear in mind to have a great digital marketing strategy to advertise your app upon launch so that the world will know of its presence. Lastly, don’t forget to consistently update your app and keep it active for constant engagement with your users.



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