5 Reasons Why People Hate Google Plus (But Shouldn’t!) #Google+

By on March 3, 2014
hate google plus

If you hate Google Plus, it may interest you to know that you are not alone. Even though Google has spent countless millions developing this free social network, there are still small business owners, brands and influencers who can’t stand the platform. Today I am telling you why the world hates Google+, but totally shouldn’t. Seriously.

Google+ has more than 300 million users, and it continues to grow as Google rolls out new products and services Download Orbi. Here is why people are hating their efforts:

#1: The Forced Sign-In

More and more Google is forcing people to sign in to Google+ – to use gmail, to leave YouTube comments, and even to search the general web. People hate being told what to do, and they hate being tracked and monitored even more.

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Surprise! Google already knows it’s you using their search engine, based on how you sit, how you type, what you search for and even how tall you are Process Clean 2.30a. Sign in and get it over with, Google has already cracked the privacy code.

#2: Google+ Ruined YouTube

One of the key reasons why people hate Google Plus, is because you have to be signed in to leave comments on YouTube. How dare Google integrate one of their products with another one! Now I can’t anonymously post comments on YouTube.

Why You Should Get Over It: Google owns YouTube, they paid a fortune for it – and YouTube couldn’t be in safer hands Download the pivot program. It makes sense to consolidate online properties for cross promotion. Plus you can still post comments anonymously, but your Google+ account will need to be created first.

hate google plus

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#3: Google+ Is Like a Bad Facebook

Why use Google+ when Facebook is so much better 8 miles? I hate Google Plus and their attempts to overtake Facebook! None of my friends are there, and I don’t get the whole circle your communities for privacy thing. A waste of time!

Why You Should Reconsider: Facebook conversions are falling, Google+ conversions are rising. Google+ search, tools, SEO and community segmentation is better, so is there privacy 임진록 2. As time wears on, Google+ continues to grow, improve and excel.

#4: It’s Just Another Platform

People hate Google Plus, because they believe that it’s just another platform. It has video, audio, apps and posting options just like Facebook, so it must be a clone. I don’t have time to post on Google+, there are no benefits for me there 배틀그라운드 무료 다운로드.

Why You Need To Rethink It: Google+ is single handedly changing the world of SEO. If for no other reason, you need an account to feed your SEO efforts. Plus no other platforms aside from LinkedIn give you direct access to influencers for marketing purposes.

#5: Google+ Is Another Failed Product

The people that really hate Google Plus are calling it another failed Google product 랜능크. Like many before it, they predict that within a few short years, the network will fade into oblivion. Other networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will surely crush it out of existence.

Why This Is Nonsense: Google owns the world. What I mean is that Google owns your website ranking, so they control your business Download Palace Comics. I believe their model is to eventually connect everyone via Google Glass and Google+, moving social networking into the real world space. That’s faster growth that any of the other networks have planned.

Google+ is a much hated platform because it belongs to Google – a once cool company that has become a powerhouse, and therefore an enemy Meditation mp3. But it’s important to note that Google is the company forging new paths in hardware and software technology, and that realistically they are going to be around for a very long time. Time to align with them, while you can!

Why do you hate Google Plus? Or do you know of another reason why people should not hate Google Plus Download Dragon Rise?

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