5 Steps To Posting Sharable Pinterest Brand Images

By on November 28, 2012

Pinterest marketing is still so new, that the bulk of people using it are not optimizing their efforts on the platform. Much like Facebook or Twitter, it’s easy to post stuff – and not-so-easy to get people to engage 곰플레이어 코덱 다운로드. Today, I’m going to walk you through 5 important steps to creating and posting images that fans will love to share on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Disclaimer

Heads up: Pinterest is not your own personal advertising pin-board Download naver photo video. Before you do anything on the platform you have to focus it at your fans or pinners. If they aren’t instantly taken with your image – they’re not going to repin it Download Google Movie.

Pinterest marketing is about creating brand images that people will want to add to their personal pin-collections 1 room. That means there are rules that you need to follow if you want your images to go viral on Pinterest.

Step 1: Make Your Images Beautiful

Pinterest marketing is technically about getting your product or service images out there for people to like and share, but that
doesn’t mean they have to be ‘stock-standard’ and boring 페이트 스테이 나이트 ubw.

The Instagram effect on images is a big hit, or you can use an online photo editing program like befunky.com, or just zap a trendy effect on your photo in Photoshop 오즈 파일. You’ll be amazed at how much better an image can look when it’s been put through a filter.

Action plan: For optimum Pinterest marketing, make your images gorgeous and artistic 서풍의 광시곡.

Step 2: Try Some Mainstream Pandering

Pinterest marketing is about identifying the current trends, and modeling your pinboard images or general strategy on these pins cDownload the language file. Just take a look at the top 6 pins that have been so widely shared on Pinterst.

1. A recipe for hasselback garlic cheesy bread
2. Rainbow fruit kebabs
3 c4d free. Lovely framing compositions
4. A recipe for Disney’s loaded baked potato soup
5. Frozen strawberry mojito recipe
6. Frozen yogurt drops recipe

These were the most shared images of 2012 Download Nell Young-yeon. As a Pinterest marketing person, this should tell you a few things. Namely that people love to learn, they love food, and they get excited about step-by-step images.

Action plan: For a great pinterest marketing strategy, create instructional, recipe-like images.

Step 3: Be Inspirational and Positive

There’s nothing quite like an inspirational quote to put you in a good mood. Pinterest is brimming with inspiring quotes! People love, love, love to share meaningful words. For Pinterest marketing, this means a clever way to get your product photos shared.

Action plan: For pinterest marketing inspiration, create or use powerful quotes in your product images that resonate with the product.

Step 4: Be a Description Pro

You can leave a description with your image that goes below it once published. These are amazingly important in Pinterest marketing, and are barely used properly. Your description should tell the viewer what your image is all about, or add something extra to the conversation. And ALWAYS ask people to repin your image, it works!

Action plan: Pinterest marketing means fun, creative or interesting descriptions so that people can get a better idea about what your image is trying to say or do.

Step 5: Pinterest Marketing Secrets

Make friends with 10 top Pinterest influencers and share their content all the time. When you post content of your own – these influencers will return the favor – instantly sharing your image with thousands of potential repinners.

Action plan: Be an active repinner, but focus your efforts on Pinterest influencers.

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Also – how do you get people to share your Pinterest images? Any secrets?

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