5 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing to Boost Your e-Commerce Holiday Sales in 2019

By on December 13, 2018

Worldwide e-Commerce merchants are considering holiday seasons by far the most profitable periods of a year with traffic spikes, high conversions, and lots of revenue within a short span.

This fact leads them to invest some more than usual in holiday marketing campaigns to the most. Unlike old days, present marketing campaigns apply Omnichannel approaches by attempting on a number of different channels.

Among those, social channels have a big share and significant impacts on holiday sales in upcoming years 2016 연하장 다운로드. A statistical survey run by Statista has revealed this fact obviously.

 Source: Statista

Statista had found that 18% of respondents in the USA buy products directly using social networking channels.

Similarly, in another survey, Statista found that nearly 23% of respondents agreed on their planning to use social media for upcoming holiday sales.

Let’s learn how we can leverage social media marketing in favor of e-Commerce holiday marketing campaign to boost the holiday sales 파워포인트 양식.

#1 – Planning for Your e-Commerce Holiday Season Marketing Campaign in Advance

We know that planning ahead for a marketing campaign enables the team to draw effective marketing strategies, hire required resources, prepare content, and do competitor as well as historical data research & analysis.

Among the tons of activities do in advance, we used to take care of the following things.

  • Fix your holiday sales marketing goals and align it with your online business goals. It will help you decide which incentives you can offer and how much.
  • Be specific in targeting your audience in relevance to the product you sell or the services you offer dstt 게임 다운로드. The best thing is to run target audience research and create persona by specifying characteristics, attributes, and buying habits.
  • Think of mobile-first approaches because advanced mobile technologies to offer better mobile experiences have grabbed a vast pool of shoppers on mobile devices for shopping.
  • Use social media as a blanket over all marketing activities. For instance, post the off-page SEO content on blog sites and make it viral using social networking sites
  • Prepare to share festive content with keywords in textual material, image Alt tags, and multimedia/audiovisual content Meta Data. Add festive scent in all social media content.
  • Decor your store, such a way it can bring holiday spirit in it. You can do it by applying graphics design to create a festive ambiance 하이큐2기. Add appropriate/relevant images and videos in your store as well as propel such content on social networking sites.

#2 – Employ the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tools for Your e-Commerce Holiday Sales

An online survey has revealed that about 70% population of the USA is active on at least one site, and dozens of social sites are cumulatively capturing this vast pool of social media audience.

It means you have to target most of the major social sites for your social media marketing campaign. It may prove daunting as well as costly affair if you are going to do it manually. Therefore, taking help of the latest automation tools is mandatory to make the campaign easy and cost-efficient. Let’s see which social media tools can help us in due course 덤보 2019.


A cloud-based social media marketing tool to help you in easy access, schedule, and manage your social networking site accounts in a secure way.


An automatic posting tool for most social media accounts and allowing multiple users.


Besides automatic posting, it helps in monitoring conversations with your end-users across the social network 트와이스 우아하게.

#3 – Leverage Social Channels in Organic Ways for Your e-Commerce Holiday Sales in 2019

As cited before, a number of social networking sites are existing and actively functioning. However, e-Commerce sites have a lot of visual contents, such as product images and now videos. So, it makes sense to go on only the sites, which support multimedia content and have right consumers of it.

The following are prime social sites proved highly useful in this regard.


An unbeatable visual platform to share your product images and reach a vast audience during the holiday season Download imaginary band.


An excellent visual platform to reach directly to your shoppers and engage those in innovative ways to close the leads fast. It consumed the most during holiday seasons.


A top site to share videos with the latest technologies and functionality to boost your e-Commerce sales during holidays. Prepare videos with added flavors of festivals.


A platform for getting instant results by reaching an incredible pool of brand consumers xposed 모듈 다운로드. It allows you specified your promotional offers for a day or even on hours-to-hours bases.


An excellent place to engage your e-Commerce audience with your brand using its innovative tools like FB Offers, FB Live, and FB Pixel.


A platform that none can ignore so use it carefully with some expertise to bring the most traffic to your store for your holiday sales.

Of course, don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags to get maximum visibility and ranking for your business keywords 자소서 양식.

#4 – Leverage Social Media Paid Marketing for Your e-Commerce Holiday Sales in 2019

It is true that organic efforts require a long-term and early marketing campaign. However, paid marketing efforts using social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other relevant sites for your e-Commerce niche support the organic campaign.

It boosts social traffic for your storefront, and diverts it to your site directly as well as to your social content on various channels 에브리타임. Social paid marketing has immense advantages because you can specify geographies, demographics, and different attributes of your target audience for display.

#5 – Hire a Social Media Marketing Company to Leverage Its Expertise in e-Commerce Holiday Marketing

We know social media marketing is highly tricky things due to the involvement of myriads of platforms and their specific needs for content, posting, and real-time engagement. If you are a busy bee highly focused on the core activities of your business during the busiest days of the holiday season.

You never prefer to DIY or hire additional staff for it. Moreover, social media optimization is a prerequisite for a successful social media campaign. In sum, you need an expert and seasoned team of social media marketers along with e-Commerce developers to achieve desired success.

It means you have to hire E-Commerce development agency with a full stack team of social media marketers and developers. As per my opinion, Magneto IT Solutions is a perfect destination to obtain all at a single window. Let’s talk about it.

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