5 Ways Not to Commit Twitter Suicide for Your Brand

By on March 20, 2014

There are two brands to consider when you are on Twitter – your corporate brand and your personal brand. Both are equally important. Whether you own the company or work for the company, your personal brand is inevitably considered representative of it. It’s just the way it works!

So, when your brand unwittingly commits suicide on twitter, it can hurt you. In the same vein, the clueless things you may do on Twitter can hurt your corporate brand 코리아캐스트.

To help you avoid costly mistakes that could see your brand go on a very public Twitter demise…

Here are the ways not to commit Twitter suicide for your brand.

1. Don’t be boring!

Just because it provides only 140 characters per tweet does not mean that Twitter is the platform you can go minimalist on show.

Don’t rely on your company news, product updates, and other marketing materials for your Twitter content. That could result in not only getting your followers to NOT care about your tweets (and your brand), it will also show that you don’t care about your followers. At all.

Also, have a pulse! If you don’t post anything regularly, your Twitter page is going to start looking like it’s dead.

You don’t want to end up in the Twitter morgue so keep the tweets coming 킹스맨 자막.

One best practice to follow is to use the “70-20-10 Rule”:


  • 70% of your tweets should promote content from industry blogs, news sources, and influencers in your niche.
  • 20% of your tweets should be engagement with the Twitter community, your followers, and industry influencers.
  • The last 10% of your tweets should be promoting your personal brand, your company, and your products and services 윈도우즈 10 pro.
2. Don’t have an ignore-or-attack approach to customer complaints.

Twitter is a platform that allows for only one degree of separation between you and your customers. Your brand, vis-à-vis your Twitter page, is only one @mention away. It is to your brand’s interest to attend to customer complaints with a great deal of professionalism… and with an even greater deal of caring draftsight 무료 다운로드!

After all, your customers and their relationship with your brand, is what will either make you a great business OR one that goes out of business.

 3.  Don’t spam!

Everybody… and I mean everybody… hates spammers. So, don’t let your followers hate you by spamming them 존맛탱.

Customize your direct messages. Contact people only if you have something to discuss with them one-on-one. If you really have to, one introductory message should be enough and you can see how the conversation takes off from there.

 4.  Don’t tweet without feeling the room!

Comedians, artists, and other celebrities in the entertainment industry can usually get away with saying a lot of outrageous things and still end up benefitting from the publicity – whether it’s positive or negative Nano editor.

This is not true for ALL fields!

Joking around, without first feeling the room, can be dangerous to your professional health. Not a few have lost their jobs (and seen their brand value plummet) after some ill-thought out tweet went viral – for all the wrong reasons.

 5. Don’t act like a bot!

… even if most of your tweeting is done by one.

Technology is supposed to help you make things easier but not take over the important things you need to do Dance music.

If you are on Twitter to connect with your target audience, then connect as a person. Nothing can be more off-putting to your followers than to find out that they’re following a bot.

So, even if you do use a bot, make sure that you check in regularly and connect with those who have been interested enough to connect with you 대사장.

One inadvertent tweet can create a social media crisis

While we’ve reviewed our 5 ways not to commit Twitter brand suicide in our post today, you must also have a plan prepared for if and when a social media crisis could occur.

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