5 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Business

By on October 15, 2018

Social media is powerful. If you want your business to succeed in today’s digital climate, you need to get on board. Having a strong social media presence across all the major channels (namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – depending on your business and industry niche) is not just preferable, it’s crucial.

Today, consumers are exposed to a most business marketing online instead of in traditional formats, and this is because smartphone use is rapidly evolving and the online space is common ground.

It’s unwise to assume that social media is reserved only for millennials or Gen Xers, or that your business isn’t the right fit Download Umbrella Academy. This mindset will result in missed opportunities and a struggle to generate new leads. Whatever your business model or niche, social media can provide huge benefits to the growth of your business. You just need to know how to use it to your advantage.

Here are 5 ways harnessing social media can greatly enhance your business.

  1. Drive traffic to your site

The number one reason why your business should be present on social media is because is it will help you to direct online users to your website 3D studio max 다운로드. Through social media you can generate organically generated traffic, and this is especially crucial for SMEs who have a small customer base and need to expand their reach and capture a wider audience.

To do this, you should create a social media strategy across the platforms you think best suit your business (note: all businesses should at least have a Facebook profile). The strategy should determine what customized marketing content will be shared (ads, images, content marketing, etc.), and ensure that all posts share the unified brand voice and message Brolstasberg edition. In your posts you must leverage hashtags, tagging and geotagging – these are the ingredients that will allow your content to be visible to more users.

The purpose of these posts should be to guide people down your sales funnel. They should be engaging, attractive, include CTAs and most importantly direct people to your website (or, better yet, a designated landing page where you can capture their contact information) through a link.

  1. Increase leads

Using social media is imperative for increasing leads gta5 life mode. According to a social media study at the beginning of 2018, there is a whopping 15 million Australians active on Facebook, so you must think of Facebook as a breeding ground for business, and you must shout as loud as you can about your services.

What’s more, through hash tagging and tagging on social media, you can speak to audience demographics that you would not normally be able to reach, whether due age, location or gender, etc. You can tailor your content to different audiences and through advanced settings you can physically target specific people so that your ad appears in their eye-line html5 파일 다운로드. For example, if you are promoting a Health Administration course, you could target both college students and older professionals across multiple of ad campaigns that have a different targeting set-up.

To generate leads, you must create engaging posts that are visually appealing (so that an online user stops scrolling to get a closer look); you must write for the targeted audience using a language they understanding and eliminating their pain points; and you must include a call-to-action to create a sense of urgency. If you do this, the number of leads you generate will increase. 

  1. Improve SEO

To many people, social media and SEO don’t go hand-in-hand, but this is an unhelpful assumption Download god's parenting diary. Ultimately, anything your business is putting online with your name on it has the power to impact another online facet – it all comes down to authority and how you come across to the consumer.

If a lead lands on your website or stumbles across your social channels through organic search, they will most likely cross-check the other facet to get a well-rounded view of your business and services. The more traffic your website gets will in turn boost your social media presence, and vice versa.

The two are not mutually exclusive, so to make the most out of your SEO get your social media up to scratch, pronto 겁쟁이패달 다운로드. 

  1. Nurture relationships with customers

Social media is a great way to stay connected to your audience and to keep it personal. Loyal customers will be the ones that feel nurtured and in-touch with your business’ news updates, and it also means you can market them easily about any new offers and discounts you are promoting.

As a rule, all of your social media posts should be engaging, relatable, and authentic to your brand. Relatability is key, because users will be more inclined to interact with your post (“like”, comment on or share) if they feel connected to it Download sin-am comic book.

Additionally, you should show your customers that there is a real person behind your social media strategy by replying to comments and encouraging conversation (if on-brand). Many businesses have injected a bit of fun into their customer service by using platforms such as Twitter to answer questions, often signing off Tweets with the employers name or initials.

The more your customers feel that they know you, the more they will trust you, and this is essential for your customer retention rates Hookah 다운로드. 

  1. Keep abreast of competition and trends 

Social media offers users a front row seat to experiences, opinions and stories from around the world that they didn’t have access to before.

For businesses, this is powerful tool. It means that they can analyse their audiences’ viewpoints and behaviors to better market them; it means that can stay up to date with news and trends in their industry more easily; and it means they can see exactly what their competitors are doing.

Without social media, your business is limited and missing out on huge opportunities. Your business will not only grow in terms of the number of leads its generate, but will grow with the times and adapt to fit the modern consciousness 웹에디터. 


Social media isn’t just for young audiences posting selfies – it’s an incredible free marketing tool that earns all types of businesses – big and small – more leads, more sales and more loyal customers. Harness social media today to reap the rewards.

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