7 Tragic Mistakes Of First-Time Pinterest Marketers

By on May 16, 2013

Pinterest has become a permanent fixture in many social marketers’ content marketing strategies this past year, and for good reason. It quickly became a dream site for lead generation and traffic, and proved to be valuable for direct sales in many niches daum 영상 다운로드. If you’ve just discovered the enduring possibilities of Pinterest, then beware these 7 tragic mistakes!

The Mistakes That Ruin Pinterest Strategy

There is no board strategy Download the perfect other person script. All good Pinterest strategies begin with category boards. Interesting boards get attention, boring boards get ignored awesomium.dll 다운로드. If you want your boards to be ‘above average’ think of creative ways to curate content that people will love, and give your board an interesting name Download the telegram sticker image.

There is no attention to image style. Pinterest is an image site, with many different kinds of styles on display – vintage, goth, clean, alternative, literary – the works Knox Lineage m. When you post images they need to fall into a specific image ‘style’ to be shared. Plain, stock images are not what Pinterest is about. Go the extra mile Download the Twitter tweet!

There is zero attention to SEO strategy. Curating and posting 10,000 images is fun, but if no-one can find them, it’s a giant waste of time 가족관계증명서 다운로드. Like any social platform, you need an SEO strategy that will get your images seen. Do keyword research for each board, each image and optimize your links and descriptions sheetjs 다운로드.

Being a comment prude. Newsflash! Comment areas are for comments AND discussions, but you have to turn your fan comments into ongoing chats muzhiwan 다운로드. That means you need to be there, leading the conversation.

Not being creative with themed images. There is more to an image than you think – what about infographics, tutorials, how-to images, showcases, fails, social proof and dozens of other ways you can engage and teach your image audience mpeg4 다운로드? Find out how you can best sell your product or service using images!

Not having a Pinterest landing page. Where does all that traffic go, when they click on the links beneath your images? Hopefully, it goes to a landing page that welcomes your Pinterest fans to your website, and invites them to subscribe to your email list. Why sell them one product when you can sell them hundreds over time?

No exclusivity on Pinterest. What makes your Pinterest page special? Do you give away great stuff to your community? Why not create a 10 page ebook and then tell your Pinterest fans that they are the only ones with access! All they have to do is share your Pinterest image on Facebook.

If you’re about to embark on your first Pinterest strategy – remember this: your returns will only be as good as your end goals. Get a feel for how things work on the platform before investing in image creation. You can use the same images on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and across your other social sites for extra value.

Avoid these tragic Pinterest marketing mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to creating a page that thousands of pinners love.

Had any trouble with Pinterest so far? Share your experience with our community and let’s see if we can figure it out together!

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