7 Features of Twitter’s New Ad Program: Available NOW

By on March 16, 2012

Advertising on Twitter has changed, as they’ve launched new ways for small businesses to advertise their products on the platform. Already available to a small group of users, the new ad products promise to help businesses grow and earn money from direct Twitter interactions 알카트라스 탈출. Now, they’re available to you! Let’s find out what all the hype is about!

#1: Promoted Tweets

Twitter has launched a new promoted tweets option, which will allow businesses to reach target audiences, not only in the right place but also at the right time 미스리메신저. These tweets will appear in search, and in user timelines. They’ll be displayed to followers and people who are similar to your followers.

#2: Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts exist to build your brand a following on the platform 대난투. But not just any following mind you – a targeted, interactive following. When you buy this ad space, your Twitter account will be advertised in the general search area, and in ‘who to follow.’ Followers who have indicated who they like will be able to find you, and become part of your growing community as well Download Saitul 2.

#3: Promoted Trends

Promoted trends will help your business gain more exposure on Twitter, as your ‘trending topic’ appears above the naturally generated topics that are flaming hot on the platform at that current moment Ultravnc. It’s a great way to promote a hashtag surrounding an event, or to expand your Twitter following.

#4: Geotargeting Guaranteed

All of these new ad spaces allow for geotargeting, which means that you can streamline your business interests and target local clients, fans and followers x-force 2015. This makes gaining local traffic and extending local brand presence a whole lot simpler, and it’s a viable alternative to Google or Facebook ads.

#5: Comprehensive Analytics Tracking

Each new ad section comes with its own unique analytics dashboard, so that you can track your ad performance on Twitter 신의 지문. Inside these dashboards you’ll be able to analyze valuable metrics to help with your community growth, and ad optimization on Twitter. See how many clicks, retweets, mentions, and follows you get, and check out who your followers are and what they’re interested in 스타크래프트 인공지능 패치.

#6: Enhanced Profile Pages

The new enhanced profile pages are Twitters answer to all the site updates happening on social sites around the internet 무료 배경음악. You’ll have more space for your brand header, and can add video and images directly to your page. Not to mention the ‘pin’ option that let’s you place a specific tweet at the top of your page Twenty-three. These aren’t available just yet, but Twitter is already promoting them around the net.

#7: Budget Fully Loaded

The great news is that these Twitter ad programs are scalable, which means you can apply your own budget to your ads. The platforms work on a cost-per-engagement or cost-per-follower basis, which is almost the same as CPC, or CPI. Take heed however, the clicks and interactions can be pricey!

Are you interested in the new Twitter ads? Do you think they’ll be able to compete with platforms like Google and Facebook? We want to know.

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