8 Behind-The-Scenes YouTube Strategy Tips #YouTube

By on September 17, 2013
YouTube Strategy

YouTube strategy can be one of the most challenging content marketing strategies to implement as a small business social media manager. It requires technical knowledge, creative ability and marketing prowess that few full time professionals ever perfect datafilehost. That is why today, I’m bringing you behind-the-scenes tips for your next high-impact video campaign.

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#1: The Cult of Personality

Some of the largest YouTube feeds in the world rely on an individual’s viral potential breakfast from Tiffany. If you can create a likable character or personality for your videos, people will follow.

#2: Subversive YouTube Ads

Some 68% of online consumers in the US said that they used YouTube to research a product before they bought it Download Kyobo Mungo. Creating YouTube ‘review’ ads for your feed will prompt more viewers to buy your product.

#3: Production Value Matters (a Little)

In the days of pre-Google owned YouTube, people didn’t mind a hazy video or two pc dmb 다운로드. But as YouTube moves into the ‘television’ space, good quality resolution, production value and proper scripting are counting for more, everyday.

#4: Video Podcasting Is Taking Off

Video podcasting involves simultaneously filming a YouTube video, while recording an audio podcast for platform cross promotion Self-esteem. In one go, you record a fun video to market AND a podcast to syndicate around the net. Win-win.

YouTube video

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#5: Brand Yourself Like a Cable Network

There is a rise in the amount of channels that are becoming brands in their own right on YouTube Download your personal information. A brand has real power. Make sure that yours says something unique about your company. Communicate your business culture in your videos!

#6: Focus on Quick and Easy Video Posts

For fast results, create niche related videos that solve common problems Download the teamap map. Answer questions quickly and easily – even if it’s in a slideshow presentation format. Give people the easiest solution to your niche problem to get more traffic Turtle plane.

#7: Revisit The Closed Captions Tactic

Now that Google has made it clear that content is the most important thing in the world for rankings – use an old YouTube technique called closed captioning 캡틴 츠바사. Add the transcript to the description area, and include your targeted keywords for an SEO boost.

#8: Curate and Create Your Channel!

Small business owners are always asking me how they could possibly find the time to shoot several YouTube videos per month. Don’t forget that one of the key YouTube strategy options is to source other niche videos and add them to your feed.

With these 8 tips you can approach your next YouTube strategy with a fresh perspective. For a higher ROI every time you post and market another video, keep track of your metrics. Take notes. Record your mistakes and your victories. This is how you figure out what works in your particular niche and network.

Which of these tips did you find most educational?

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