A Beginner’s Guide to Designing a Visually Engaging Instagram Feed

By on August 7, 2019

Before you begin to curate an Instagram feed that best fits your brand, it is most necessary to have a good knowledge of your brand, whether that is you as a person (if you are an influencer/blogger) or your company itself.

Your Brand Identity

What is your brand personality like? Who are your target customers, and what impression do you expect them to have of you based on your Instagram feed? These are the questions you should already have the answers to.

To stand out as a business within the overly crowded online platforms, you must have an established brand identity that highly and uniquely represents who you are Official download of Windows 7. This should continue to be expressed through your social media accounts.

Consistency within a brand’s visual expression is extremely crucial. Therefore, transferring your existing visual elements onto your Instagram feed design can be a simple yet powerful way to enhance your brand image.

So, let’s get right into the steps on how you can design a stunning Instagram feed for your brand.

  • Pick a theme

The first step is to pick a theme that best resonates with your brand identity 트립어드바이저 도시. Do you want one that is flamboyant, fun, classy, or professional? Although your theme doesn’t have to be too specific, having a good choice of color scheme, tone, and mood set for your feed is a great starter.

Make sure that your selected theme is one that you can stick to. However, it must also leave room for some flexibility when it comes to editing your content to match.

There are various Instagram design themes that influencers and brands have been applying to their feeds lately. To narrow it down, the following list includes some of the most recent and trendy themes that you may find inspiring:

This theme can give your feed a clean, organized, yet incredibly artistic feel to it Download internet photos. It mainly involves the use of monochromes and pastels. Images are desaturated for a calm and softer tone that isn’t too overbearing.

The trendiest theme of them all. Who doesn’t want to look at a nicely organized and cohesive feed? Color-coordination helps strengthens the brand personality you aim to represent and is more or less very pleasing to the eye.

This will offer you lots of opportunities to experiment with the different tones and hues.

For example, for a playful feed, increase the use of color and warm undertones 헤비 스매쉬. For a more vintage look, use either warm or cool tones. Lower the level of contrast, shadows and maybe add a fade to your image. For a classy and fashionable look, emphasize on monochromes and golden shades.

This theme emphasizes natural materials and is commonly used by home decor, interior design, and health and wellness Instagram accounts. It gives off a modern yet earthy tone to your feed and does not make your images appear overly edited and filtered.

For this theme, highly saturated images will be your best friend Download UPlay. Play around with the various range of colors and shades to add a fun and lively feel to your feed.

This theme can bring luxury, edginess, and fantasy to your Instagram feed. It is one that is popular amongst accounts that focus on travel, photography, and high-end products. Darkness and heavy use of cool tones are applied to photos. Fades and shadows may also be added to images for more of an ethereal or nostalgic tone and mood.

2) Download photo-editing apps

While there are various photo editing apps out there, the top 4 applications that are commonly used by social media creatives and influencers are as follows:

These applications are highly recommended for their ease of use, quality, and mobile-friendly features 웹 해킹 파일. Even if you are a beginner, you may be able to get the hang of them within no time. If you have absolutely no experience with photo editing tools, VSCO may be the best option to start with.

With these applications, you’ll be able to set the tone for your image and adjust its basic image tunes such as brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, etc. Many other editing possibilities are available, however, this will vary between the apps. Why not download and explore them all to see which one you like best Download the english music?

3) Use high-quality images

Want to be viewed as a legitimate and trustworthy brand? High-quality images will be key.

Low-quality images represent a lack of professionalism and can give your audience a bad impression of your brand. After all, bad content can be more harmful to your brand than the lack of content there is.

Although daily posts do help with engagement, it is also fine to not post every day on Instagram 내 데이터 다운로드. If you don’t have enough quality content to post daily, you may switch up your social media schedule to posting once every other day or once every few days.

(Credit Source: @_allthingscoffee_ & @outsideboxx)

4) Mix it up between your posts

Posting the same types of images every day can be a boring task for you and more so for your audience. To add a little more fun and variety to your feed, you may want to mix your content up.

As a company, you may want to showcase the different products you have 모여라 커비 다운로드. You could also post some lifestyle images of people using your product or creative videos to grab your customers’ attention.

If you are an influencer, there is much more room to play around. Add in a quote that deeply resonates with who you are and the values you stand for. Show the different sides of your life, in and outside of work.

This will be an effective way to reveal the essence of your identity, personality, and relatability to your followers while also allowing them to connect with you on a more personal level.

 (Credit Source: @tommyhilfiger & @foodfitnessflora)

5) Be consistent

Once you have officially picked a theme and uploaded your posts, make sure to remain consistent with it 무료 자바. Continue to use the same filters, colors, tones, mood, and keep switching up your posts.

In case you want to make some changes to your theme, it is recommended to make a slow transition into so that your feed design still flows!

All in all, a carefully-selected and visually gorgeous Instagram feed will have the power to increase the appeal that your account has towards your ideal audience and other Instagram users, which can eventually lead to an increase in followers and engagement.

I mean, nothing could possibly go wrong with having a flattering Instagram feed that resembles a work of art, right?

With that being said, don’t worry too much about whether you are doing it right or wrong on your first try. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment with all the different photo-editing apps and themes!

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