An “All You Can Eat” Social Media Fiasco: Served by Golden Corral

By on July 10, 2013

In the highly digitized and connected world that we live in today, businesses must be on high-alert at all times to avoid a Public Relations nightmare 신청곡 mp3. One mistake can cause a spark that is ignited by the word-of-mouth movement and, if you are ill-prepared, you may mistakenly douse the fire with gasoline instead of water Prism.

Golden Corral is currently facing such a situation when the YouTube video below, posted by employee Brandon Huber, went viral and had national TV and news coverage from sites such as The Huffington PostInc, and NBC. It highlights a case in which a prominent business did not have the proper social media crisis plan in place to manage the ensuing uproar 윈도우 순정 iso.

Whether or not the “dumpster” food really was served to customers or not is something we will probably never know, but here are some of the things they did wrong and how you can avoid a similar predicament:

Problem #1: Responding Too Slowly

Huber posted the revolting video of raw Golden Corral food being “improperly stored” near a dumpster on July 1st, and it went viral within days Cultu Show Listen Again.

Golden Corral, however, did not issue an official statement on their website or social media pages until a week later on July 8th.

By that time, customers were so outraged by the video that they had taken to posting negatively all over their Facebook Page, Twitter AccountYouTube Page, and even flooding the Port Orange restaurant’s Yelp account with 1-star reviews Download gopro.

Companies, especially those as large as Golden Corral, need to have a crisis team who is constantly monitoring their brand online scph1001.bin 다운로드. Had they caught the video sooner and released a statement earlier that they were looking into the situation and that it is an isolated incident (as presumed), damage control would have been much easier to manage as they would have more control over the messaging and related news coverage 유플러스박스.

For smaller businesses who don’t have the luxury of being able to hire a crisis management team, simple keyword searches can be done to monitor your brand by using free tools such as Google Alerts or Social Mention Download this girl with flowers and matches.

Problem #2: Issuing the Wrong Messages

Golden Corral FB Reply

Along with the statement issued by Port Orange restaurant owner Eric Holm, the above post by Golden Corral was made in response to comments being made on one of their posts for their “New 바람의 화원 다운로드! Better Breakfast.”

As you can see from a few of the replies to their responses, customers were not happy with their statements 김동률 감사 mr 다운로드. One glaring mistake is that they tried to transfer blame onto others, instead of owning up to the situation. Whether or not the employees were completely at fault, in the end, it was the company who hired these employees and trained them.

Problem #3: Not Following Up

Golden Corral Press

Golden Corral Community/Press Website

Golden Corral Twitter

Golden Corral on Twitter

Golden Corral FB

Golden Corral on Facebook

As of the date of today’s blog post, it has been over one week now since Golden Corral has issued an update on the “Dumpster Food” situation.

They may be at a loss for words for this damaging crisis or think that by remaining silent that it will just blow over.

Regardless, this crisis is not going away by ignoring it. In fact, it will fan the flames even more as customers will want to know what is being done to prevent future disasters and try to make up for the error in some way.

It’s An “Adapt or Die” Mentality Now.

With social media such a prominent part of our lives today, it goes without saying that companies need to hold themselves to higher standards, to be more transparent with the public, and leave their lines of communication open and honest.

While the Golden Corral fiasco continues to play out, it’s easy to see that handling dissatisfied customer’s in today’s digital age takes a tremendous amount of foresight and preparation.

In addition to today’s tips and suggestions, we wanted to give you some extra insight into how to protect your brand against backlash.

So check out our free webinar on Social Media Blunders and, as always, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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