Get Some LinkedIn Love: 3 Best Practices For Your Brand Page

By on April 3, 2014

If your company is ignoring LinkedIn or not utilizing the platform to its fullest extent, here’s a key stat that should change your mind:

“LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.” – Marcus Fergusson, via Econsultancy 대항해시대1.

Furthermore, Marcus couldn’t have said it any better when he goes on to state that “some of the uncontrolled conversation on social media can be diverted onto the controlled environment of a website.”

Now that you see why LinkedIn is such an important medium for your business to be active on, let’s dive deeper into how your Company Page can start attracting Followers, spark their interest, and divert those leads to click to your website Download windows 10 kn iso.

3 Best Practices to Get Your Brand Page Some LinkedIn Love

Make Your Company Page SEO Friendly

When you are creating or updating your Company Page on LinkedIn, you will want to optimize the keywords under Company Specialties to allow the page to be easily found via search 고속 충전 다운로드.

This means you have added long-tail keywords in both the Specialties list and in the Company Description.

Also, the first thing that someone will see is the banner graphic when they land on your LinkedIn Company Page, so be sure that the branding is consistent with your other social media channels and that it POPS off the page 현수막 디자인!

Since we’re discussing driving traffic from LinkedIn back to your website, it is also important that your URL is listed under the Website as well as included in the banner graphic 짱구 13기 다운로드.

LinkedIn Love SMMU

Create Your Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Love SMMU Showcase PagesLinkedIn announced last month that the “Products & Services” tab will be removed from all Company Pages on April 14, 2014 파워밀.

Instead, LinkedIn will continue to push brand managers to use their Showcase Pages feature as an alternative method to promote company products and services Lovelogie.

While I procrastinated a bit on setting up our Showcase Pages for our primary offerings at SMMU, I finally got around to it today… which is why we only have 1 follower (for the time being) Free national gymnastics.

However, after viewing some of the more established Showcase Pages out there, you will have a better feel of how to brand your own.

Here’s a good example from LinkedIn themselves with what they did for their “Marketing Solutions” Showcase Page:

LinkedIn Love LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Showcase Page

Make Your Updates Count

Don’t just share content Download Kung Fu Panda 2. Share great content!

Don’t just post questions. Post engaging questions!

Don’t just upload media Football Manager pc. Upload consumable media!

You get the picture.

LinkedIn has been introducing so many new options for marketers to play with over the past year or two, yet this network tends to fly under the radar with all the noise that Facebook and Twitter generate.

Did you know that you can upload a customized image when you share a link on your Company Page?

LinkedIn Love SMMU Edit Image

Did you know that you can pin the most important updates to the top of your Company Page so that it will extend the half-life of that post and gain more impressions?

LinkedIn Love SMMU Pin to Top

Did you know that SlideShare Presentations can be viewed natively on LinkedIn, and that SlideShare can expand your reach drastically to a new audience?

You get the picture.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn makes changes to their social network with subtlety and over longer periods of time.

LinkedIn is also one of the top three networks that drive Social Referrals That Matter… beating both Facebook and Twitter in “most engaged” social referrals.

So, with the organic reach of Facebook Fan Pages plummeting into the single digit percentiles as a result of the company wanting your advertising dollars and with Twitter’s nonstop noise and automation, maybe we should all invest more time into one of the social networks that seems to work without much effort… or money.

If you enjoyed my post today, please check out my article on 5 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Personal LinkedIn Profile as well.

Thanks, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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