Big Twitter Redesign: What Will It Look Like?

By on November 20, 2012

The Twitter Redesign is inching closer, and why not – this has been a year for redesigns in the social media world! All that remains is for us to have a closer look at what they’ve done, and see if the improvements will help or hinder your Twitter profile 파라노이악. Today I’m going to find out if the New Twitter, is a better Twitter.

Twitter Redesign on The Cards

Twitter has been chirping about a redesign for some time now, and it seems to be close to completion – or at least close enough to release some previews to the net Download the emulating game. The rumor mill has been working overtime, and people have been comparing the Twitter redesign updates to Facebook, and even Pinterest Download quick player.

Has Twitter sacrificed its uniqueness and decided to become a ‘same old’ social networking site? Let’s take a look at the proposed look and feel of the new design 여권 사진.

The Twitter redesign includes a bunch of stuff for its mobile apps:

• New photo interface that lets you see very large photo images
• In the ‘Discover’ area, you’ll be able to see headlines and photo previews
• Popular Tweets from your connections will be shown in ‘view all tweets’
• Twitter redesign includes new search features, with photos

These changes may not seem like much at first but it tells us a few things about the direction that Twitter is heading Hey dealer.

1. They are focusing on a photo-centric version of Twitter
2. They want features like retweets to have more context for the reader
3 강변북로체 다운로드. They want Twitter to be used universally on mobile phones

The Original 140 Character Microblog

The Twitter redesign has a lot of people excited, and a few worried as well 세카이노 오와리. For me, it’s a dangerous thing to break your ‘success’ formula and branch out into other social media forms. What if Twitter becomes too much like Pinterest or Facebook Download the wireless adapter driver? What if the images that are supposed to enhance the experience, don’t do that at all?

At this point Twitter is reaching for a richer user experience, which means images and video – sure Download the engineering calculator. But they need to stick really close to their microblogging roots if the Twitter redesign is going to work. Go a little too far, and disaster could strike 다시보는 불멸의 이순신 다운로드.

Why use Twitter for images when Pinterest exists? Why use Twitter for long discussions, when Facebook does that? It’s a balancing game.

The Twitter Redesign in Perspective

So far, based on the proposed Twitter redesign features, everything is looking good. Even Twitter has admitted that they’ve always been defined by text. But they plan to add loads of images and articles to the neat, fun to use Twitter stream that the world loves.

Once this has been fully integrated, will it still be the Twitter we know and love? No, it won’t. It will be a new Twitter, one that is trying to stay relevant in an increasingly progressive social landscape.

The Twitter redesign will ensure that the site stays fresh, but whether this ‘freshness’ is what people want, is another matter. One thing I know for sure – Twitter can’t compete with Facebook based on images. I only hope that for Twitter, this redesign breathes new life into their service. I don’t want to see Twitter go the same way as the old Myspace.

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Also – do you like the direction that Twitter is going in? Is it a good or bad thing?

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