Championship Twitter Strategy: MLB NLCS Edition

By on October 18, 2013

With the Major League Baseball playoffs fully under way, there are many things that the MLB has done well to capitalize on fans’ postseason fever. In particular, their social media strategy on Twitter has paid off in producing buzz, engaging fans, and capturing the audience’s attention and interest 퀴어영화 나비.

Today, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best practices that the Official @MLB Twitter account has used leading up to today’s NLCS Game 6 matchup between the Cardinals and Dodgers.

Best Practice #1: Ask questions

Before Game 5 started, the MLB Twitter account posted the following picture on their account asking fans whether or not the Cardinals would be able to close out the NLCS or if the Dodgers would send the series to a Game 6 mega6 다운로드.

Asking questions, especially open-ended ones, are a great way to drive up engagement as followers are more likely to respond with useful info of their own way back home.

Not only did they pose a question that would elicit responses, but they also included a Call-to-Action for fans to “reply with #CardsWin or #DodgersWin.”

Best Practice #2: Tweet pics using

A recent study by HubSpot’s Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, found that users on Twitter are much more likely to retweet an image if it was uploaded to rather than another image host such as Twitpic or Instagram.


Followers seem to trust more as it is Twitter’s native image hosting site and because images can be viewed on Twitter Feeds without having to click to an off-site location (like with Instagram) Download the Terminator Dark Fate subtitles.

MLB PicTwitter

Best Practice #3: Include Celebrities and Influencers whenever possible

Whether it’s in-person at an event or vicariously through a candid photo, it’s not everyday that fans get to see a celebrity or influencer in your particular niche.

By including them in a photo, a tweetchat, or through a video, you create a certain level of excitement (and virality) that is hard to duplicate otherwise 조선일보명조.

In the Dodgers and MLB’s case, they found a celebrity that almost everyone likes and can relate to: Will Ferrell.

Will Ferrell Dodgers

Best Practice #4: Live-Tweeting

It’s always a great idea to live-tweet updates, statistics, and information when you are attending any sort of event.

Followers and fans who can’t tune into a game (or event) will be interested in what’s going on, and with Twitter you receive updates in real-time as they are happening faster than other social media sites – and the social network is even catching up or surpassing traditional news outlets 원스 어폰.

Best Practice #5: Repeating the cycle

Much like how a batter must adjust to a pitcher throughout a game (and vice versa), social media managers must continue to adjust their strategies and fine-tune them as they continue implementing their plans.

When something works though, stick with it but always be thinking of new ways to integrate it in the future.

In the case of the MLB Twitter Account, they use pictures and videos to drive interactions, provide relevant information throughout the day that you won’t see anywhere else, and they do all this to represent an online atmosphere that stays true to their brand Download samsung printer driver.

Championship Twitter  Strategy

As you can see, the MLB social media team has done a fantastic job during the postseason with their Twitter strategy.

If our post today piqued your interest, Twitter recently conducted a data-driven study of several MLB teams’ accounts that analyzed how the teams used different methods to drive engagement jsp 게시판 파일 다운로드.

At SMMU, we’ve just updated and rolled out our new Twitter for Business course to help social media managers and business owners further develop their Twitter strategies. Take a look at what our course includes and if you have any comments on our blog today, feel free to leave them in the section below.

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