Comparison of Google Allo and WhatsApp

By on December 13, 2017

Google Allo is the new kid on the block. Launched in 2016, this recent messaging app of Google is already considered by some as the big competitor of the older and already famous WhatsApp, which is possibly going to reduce Whatsapp’s user base. But Allo is still in its growing stage and it’s probably too soon to think like that – let’s not forget that WhatsApp is reigning strong with over 1 billion users worldwide 아이언맨1 한글자막. However, it does have features which have the potential of affecting WhatsApp’s popularity. 

Let’s see how this Google’s baby fares against the king WhatsApp. Just before we dive into the comparison, Google Allo being young, it wouldn’t hurt to start with a brief intro:

What is Google Allo?

It is an instant smart messaging mobile app launched in September 2016.This messaging app from Google can be used on ios, android and web (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera) Download my video on YouTube.

Like other messaging apps Google Allo uses phone numbers as identities, breaking the traditional Google account identity. It allows exchanging messages, images, files, and voice notes.

So far, seems like an ordinary messaging app, right? What other similarities does it have with WhatsApp? Both of them can share location, file, support Gifs, group chats, show read receipts and customize notifications autocad 2018.

Google Allo vs. WhatsApp

What WhatsApp has that Google Allo doesn’t:


As of now Google Allo is available on desktop only for Android users, not for ios. WhatsApp is available for both ios and android on desktop.


WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption meaning no third parties, not even WhatsApp itself, but only you can access your messages 3d max 2017 vray. Google Allo is still lacking on that front.

Online Last seen status

Unlike WhatsApp, Google Allo still doesn’t show who is online and the last seen status of contacts.


WhatsApp has Voice and video calling feature .There’s no voice call in Google Allo and video calls can only be done with the use of Google duo (video chat mobile app) by both the person 레이튼 미스터리 저니 apk 다운로드.


WhatsApp feature where users can put images and videos as status is clearly missing in Google Allo.

Multiple Deletions

 While you can easily delete certain messages in WhatsApp, in Google Allo, you can’t delete multiple messages at once. You can either delete one message at a time or delete the entire conversation. This is rather a basic feature that Allo users are missing.


WhatsApp backup chat history when changing to new phone number as long as it is on the same phone 팝콘 타임. Google Allo supports backup on new device as long as you use the existing Allo phone number.

What Google Allo got That WhatsApp Hasn’t?


Allo has got tons of fun stickers which can be increased from the sticker store. WhatsApp for some reason is still sticker- less even though users really want them.

Shout or Whisper Message:

This one is unique to Google Allo where you can control the size of the text – large and big text to show you are shouting, small one to whisper letting you show the tone of your words, making your words more expressive 인피니티 배경화면. WhatsApp allows text formatting in a different way- strikethroughs, bold, italic – which is absent in Allo.

Photo Editing

Google Allo lets you get creative with photos by adding text or doodles. WhatsApp can only do that with the help of other app.

Incognito chat mode:

In Google Allo, you can go incognito if you want in which the message is encrypted and comes with an option to set expiry or self-destructible feature for the messages 존재의 이유. In this case, WhatsApp isn’t even in the competition

Smart reply:

This is the first of its kind in the world of messaging app and is perhaps the threatening feature of Allo for WhatsApp. This feature gives you reply suggestions of texts and images based on your reply behaviour. You won’t have to type the normal conversation repeatedly Download ebs recitation. Allo automatically gives the text, emojis or picture which you frequently use; meaning the more you use Allo, the more personalised suggestions you’ll get. This will only get better with time once you use Allo. WhatsApp doesn’t have any say in this regard, sorry.

Google Allo smart reply also has image recognition in which Allo recognises images and gives smart reply according to the image 큐라 15.04. For example, for a puppy picture smart reply will be “So cute!” which you can just tap to reply.

Google Assistant:

 This feature of Allo is what makes it a truly superior app compared to WhatsApp when it comes to usefulness. This feature makes a chat room more than just a chat room. Google assistance can check out any info with your friends without leaving the chat. For example, you can check out videos in the conversation itself. Google assistance search and bring the requested info directly to the chat without you having to browse them yourself. You just have to add “@google” along with the text.

 Ask for almost anything – weather report, flight info, news, nearby food join, directions, etc – Google Assistance bring it to you. This feature can also translate language and set alarm for you. WhatsApp for sure doesn’t have this.

We have seen that Google was so concerned with crashing out with many new features that it somehow sidelined some of the basic features of a messaging app. However, the folks at Google are still developing new or missing features on Allo. The desktop version for ios is also expected to be launched soon. WhatsApp though not coming close to the brand new features of Allo, has got all the basics. WhatsApp has so far been giving a great user interface and with its status, it seems that the users are satisfied as of now. Google Allo hasn’t been seen or heard by all. Already equipped with the upper hand kind of a feature, it is very likely that with a few improvements, Allo could be all the rage in the world of messaging apps.

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