Content Curation 103: The Best Way To Use

By on May 14, 2014

If you haven’t absorbed the previous articles in our Content Curation series, be sure to read Content Curation 101 and Content Curation 102 before beginning Boss Kill.

Today’s post will wrap up what you have previously learned while incorporating one new resource to utilize:

While you may see these links published on Twitter and think they are spam, is an extremely convenient tool to use – when you use it right 스카이프 무료.

Not only is it simple to set up, but there is little to no upkeep needed once active.

Content Curation 103: Automatically Curate Relevant Content with

PaperLi Content Curation

Here’s how to setup your and get the most out of it:

1) Create an account at

Sign up for a new account Download Monster Call.

Then click the icon in the upper left corner and click the “Create Paper” button.

PaperLi Content Curation

2) Name your paper and begin adding sources Don't be happy to.

Title your paper and add the content sources you want to pull from. (This is where Content Curation 101 comes in handy in order to understand how RSS feeds work)

You don’t have to worry if you weren’t able to add everything you wanted at this time as you have the ability to edit the sources in the settings later 킹메이커.

Click the “Create my paper” button once you are finished and let work its magic.

PaperLi Content Curation

3) Adjust your settings

After has finished fetching your first edition, click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the page to enter the Settings Dashboard Download java 1.7.

From here you can manage several different options under the free version or upgrade to Pro in order to customize it even further.

We don’t want to go into detail on how to customize the look and feel of the paper as today’s blog is purely about content curation, but if you’re using for the purpose of content curation you will want to set the paper to be fetched daily and delivered to your inbox Download the Greek Zorba movie.

In the Settings Dashboard you’ll also see the button at the bottom which you can drag to your browser’s bookmark bar and quickly add new content to your paper from other websites Ms office access 2010 Hangul.

In the Main Menu, select Content and add additional sources here through Search and choose which Sections and Categories you would like to include c언어 다운로드.

4) View your

Check your email inbox that you used to register and you should have received your latest edition Download Umbrella Academy. Click to view your paper and you’ll be taken to the Headlines page.

(For this article, we specifically created a weekly edition that would curate all our content from Social Media Impact that we could distribute at the end of the week on Fridays)

The Headlines page will you give you some of the top posts for the day, but the real treasure is found under the Stories tab.

In the Stories section is where you will likely find the most relevant and useful articles to share with your social networks.

Here are some additional examples using the Daily SMMU we have set up as well:

How do you use

We see it all the time:

Someone becomes inactive on Twitter, forgets to disconnect their accounts, and the only thing you will see on their feed now are links to

If you want to be successful with social media though, you will want to use as many tools as possible to find and share great content – and that is how should be used.

We have one more article left in our Content Curation series. So stay tuned by subscribing to our RSS feed.


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