Content Curation 104: Keeping Your Pulse On The News

By on May 21, 2014
Content Curation LinkedIn Pulse

This is the Final Chapter of your crash course on Content Curation Download Soldier of Fortune 2.

It’s important that you start from part 1 of the series as it establishes the primary foundations of your Content Curation strategy (RSS), while parts 2, 3, and 4 (today’s article) arm you with additional ammunition gflags 다운로드.

Content Curation 101: Setting Up Feedly as Your RSS Reader

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Content Curation 103: The Best Way To Use

While there was a lot of information to consume in parts 1-3, we saved the easiest for last download ssleay32.dll. Enjoy!

Content Curation 104: Keeping Your Pulse On The News

In April of 2013, LinkedIn acquired Pulse for a cool $90M in stock and cash 화낙 프로그램.

In February of 2014, LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to allow all users the opportunity to write and share longform posts to their LinkedIn profiles kbs 뉴스 동영상 다운로드.

With LinkedIn Pulse and LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, you now add a staggering 1-2 combo to your already deadly mix of killer content.

How To Use LinkedIn Pulse

The good thing about LinkedIn’s acquisition of Pulse is that now the two are integrated under LinkedIn’s platform t store apk.

You can easily access LinkedIn Pulse on the web by visiting LinkedIn Today, or by downloading the LinkedIn Pulse app for iOS and Android here 네이버 동요 다운로드.

Adding or removing content from your Home Page on LinkedIn Pulse takes little effort as they are both done by simply checking or unchecking which Channel sources you are interested in Download La Ravel.

For Example: Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Technology are some of my top interests and can be reflected in the Channel choices I’ve made download gdiplus.dll.

You can see some of the subtle differences between the Desktop and Mobile versions in their respective galleries below:

LinkedIn Pulse for the Desktop

LinkedIn Pulse Mobile App

I prefer the desktop version as it gives you more content options to choose from and the ability to follow Influencers and Publishers Download Samsung SmartView.

Both, however, are very convenient tools to use to find content from experts in your niche.

Content Curation Strategy

After reading through this Content Curation series, you should have a plethora of resources at your disposal now to share with your social networks, to repurpose and put your own spin on a subject, or to just enjoy and absorb as much as information as you possibly can!

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Thanks for reading!

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