Digital Marketing Actions to Take in 2019

By on February 7, 2019

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We begin 2019 thinking about new investments and what digital marketing actions to take. We will tell you what marketing trends to help you achieve success in your business. Something to take into account when designing and planning campaigns, is to define a budget of advertising investment in advance, to avoid making investment mistakes in channels that connect with the wrong audience or defining strategies that are not the most profitable for the organization 아이언맨1 한글자막.

1. Changes in the shape of the marketing funnel

The funnel of marketing has always been interpreted as a funnel that ended with the sale. In fact, it was understood until now as the process from when a digital marketing action is launched until the conversion is achieved. That is to say, that the client carries out the action that we had proposed. Now this vision is changing, and it is defined as a funnel in a totally circular way. It has a cyclical nature, since the process does not end with the sale or any specific action of the client, but rather attempts to build loyalty and is always within the funnel Download my video on YouTube.

2. Mobile web design First!

There are many studies on digital marketing that point out that visits to the Internet through mobile are growing every day, if you check your statistics, it is possible that this data coincides. For this reason, web companies and developers consider starting to design and develop web pages thinking first of mobile browsing, adapting these to the PC format. The mobile marketing and mobile responsive design should be a priority when investing during 2019 for any SME autocad 2018.

3. Social shopping for digital marketing in 2019

The online purchase through social networks has revolutionized the way to buy this last year. It is a lot of people and who does it from platforms such as Instagram or Facebook through their own mobile. Especially the millennial generation. Instagram shopping and Facebook’s Market Place will be the two great allies for your company this year 3d max 2017 vray. The need to allocate a budget to the visibility and management of company pages is real. Every day there are more brands that create their stores in social networks. Would not you like to be one of them 레이튼 미스터리 저니 apk 다운로드?

4. Big bet for micro influencers on Instagram

Up until now, there had always been a lot of importance given to the number of followers that an influencer had, but this trend has changed. Currently the quality of the followers over the quantity is more important. In addition, the micro influencers usually generate more confidence in these and are more affordable. Generally, these types of influential consumers have a more localized audience. Are you an SME 팝콘 타임? Have you considered working with influencers?

5. Use of messaging and chatbots applications

The sending of messages through social networks or a website has become one of the most common ways of contacting companies. This has caused companies to rethink that response time is essential to get the customer. The answer to a question must be quick and the communication with the client or possible client must be efficient. Therefore, there are many companies that already use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Cliengo, among other chatbots applications. A tool that responds with questions or automated answers simulating being a human being helps with frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the shipping method, sizes, etc. Common consumer questions that can be resolved by showing them the FAQ section, the size guide, or the return policy, for example 인피니티 배경화면.

6.  Content Marketing

Most companies nowadays have a content marketing strategy in order to enhance the participation of their audience, attract new potential customers, and meet the sales targets set. For this it is very important to focus on creating quality content and according to the interests of our customers. Knowing them in order to do this is very important. In 2019 we recommend betting on the creation of content from your blog and your social networks. You will not regret. Why will also be a great opportunity to improve SEO positioning, working different keywords of your business in each article published on your website 존재의 이유.

7. More specific and quantifiable digital marketing strategies

New technologies allow us to monitor, collect data and make changes during the process of digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, marketing strategies are expected to be increasingly specific, being able to segment the public by groups and showing them ads more related to their personal characteristics Download ebs recitation.

In short, these will be some of the most prominent digital marketing trends in 2019, although we already know that the digital and business world is constantly evolving, it would not be surprising that new trends are emerging. Now you have some ideas for 2019. Do you plan to use any of these ideas?Let us know 큐라 15.04.

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