Email Marketing Etiquette Tips and Why It’s So Important to Apply Them

By on March 14, 2014

You’re putting in a lot of time, effort, and other resources into email marketing – presumably because you would want to make a favorable impression on your target audience 소셜 클럽.

So, why would you do anything to make them want to shut you out?

This is exactly why email marketing etiquette is important.

You want to ease your audience into building a relationship with you and your brand Download Endless Challenge Leon. You want them to go down that relationship path with you comfortably and enjoyably.  You don’t want them slamming the metaphorical door in your face and calling the police xp internet explorer 8 다운로드.

To avoid getting into undesirable situations with your email contacts…

Here are 4 basic tips for more well-mannered email marketing etiquette 철권 pc.

Tip #1: Always secure permission first.

Permission-based marketing is the only way to go if you want to establish a respectful and long-term relationship with your contact Download the Montblanc logo. Essentially, it’s about knocking first – then waiting until someone opens the door and lets you in – before entering.

Barging in there uninvited is not only plain rude but also illegal Download the tariff rate table!

Remember, there are many ways to get people to welcome you into their inboxes. Work on those!

Tip #2: Make it easy for people to leave 스마트폰에 유튜브 동영상.

Make it easy for people to remove themselves from your email list. CAN-SPAM laws require that you provide your recipients the ability to unsubscribe on every email you send out Download Hancom Baekje b. This means this is not something that you should even be debating in your head.

Third-party email marketing providers can be very helpful in this particular area of concern dia diagram. They have features that make it easy for people to unsubscribe that also find out why!

Tip #3: Determine the best frequency to use 아일라.

Just as there is sometimes a fine line between talking too little and talking too much, that fine line also exists between emailing too little and emailing too much. A long gap between email sending can make your subscribers forget you or give them the impression that you may not exist anymore. However, relentlessly sending them emails within short periods of time can get you marked as a spammer.

And, here’s a rather simple one but which can easily become a pet peeve if not observed…

Tip #4: Proofread and test your emails before sending them out

Typos, links that don’t work, and grammatical errors can make your brand look careless and sloppy. Although it is understandable to have lapses like these once in a while, make sure it does not become a habit.

Now that you have the etiquette down…

We’ve provided four email marketing tips that will endear you to your target audience if followed properly. If you’re still a beginner to email marketing though, be sure to read the article we published earlier this week that gives you a Quick and Dirty Guide to Creating an Email Marketing List.

What kind of email marketing etiquette does your company practice and preach? Leave a comment on our Facebook wall to let us know!

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