Ethical Ways To Find Twitter Followers

By on February 13, 2013

To find Twitter followers for your account, you’ll need to employ some tactics that don’t involve paying for ‘fans.’ This trend to pay for fans and followers is being undermined by the changing algorithms on these social platforms. The only way to find and keep good followers, is to source them organically. Today, I’ll show you how to 10 ethical ways to find twitter followers 스위치 가영.

#1: Have a Custom Page

If you want to find Twitter followers in your niche, then you need a great looking Twitter page. Invest some time and money into your design, your logo, your icons – and focus especially on your background. When people check to see who you are, they should be able to find out in a matter of seconds download snutime. Keep those Twitter ethics in mind!

#2: Find Twitter Followers Via Directories

The internet is full of quality directories like Twellow and WeFollow, where you can discover the most applicable people to follow in your niche. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly hello and for you to follow their account. Then they will follow yours (as long as you’re relevant). Directories are a great place to find business contacts, friends, mentors or peers 윈도우 7 rc.

#3: Run a Twitter Contest

It sounds cliché, but Twitter marketing contests do work! Simply put together a nice prize for the winner and create a catchy hashtag. The bigger the prize the more followers you’ll get. You can also offer multiple prizes and be sure to keep it exclusive to Twitter. Find Twitter followers by adding general contest hashtags to these posts Royalty.

#4: Discover Twitter Online

The easiest way to find Twitter followers is to explore certain niches or hashtags on Twitter itself. Twitter often recommends some great people for you to follow. Alternatively you can click on a Twitter business account you admire and see who they follow 구글 크롬 전체 다운로드. Sometimes the best people are hidden away in these more mainstream accounts.

#5: Be Highly Interactive

The first thing real Twitter users look for is to find Twitter followers that actually interact with them. Be sure to interact regularly with your Twitter users, chat with them – share stories and advice with them – anything to get the discussions or comments moving forward 한게임 윷놀이. That way when new users check on you, they’ll see that you are an active user.

#6: Authentic, Regular Posting

Nothing is easier than posting on Twitter every day, and it’s something you must do if you’re trying to grow your following. Find Twitter followers by adding at least 4-5 pieces of new content to your account daily. Consistency is really the key to a successful Twitter page eagleget 다운로드.

#7: Live Tweeting For Followers

Host special ‘live tweet’ events where you and your followers add event details or up-to-date news on your page as it happens. Going to a niche seminar? Keep your Twitter fans in the loop by tweeting all about it.

#8: Use Tweets in Your Blogs

You may have noticed that I sometimes use Tweets as social evidence in my blogs Download The Jellyard. You can do this to boost the number of people flowing from your blog to your Twitter page! Find Twitter followers by adding tweet evidence to your blog posts.

#9: Be an Authority

I know it’s been said a lot but if people know who you are they will follow you Download The Radeon Driver. Write an ebook, podcast or webinar and brand it with clickable links to your Twitter page!

#10: Use Hashtags Properly

Learning how to properly use hashtags will help you find Twitter followers ethically Download the sound of the dog. Notice how other people use them on Twitter and be specific. Never more than 3-4 in one update!

Use these 10 tips to find Twitter followers online. You don’t need to PAY for followers, and it’s an unethical practice that has no real value. Do the right thing!

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How do you ethically collect Twitter followers?

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