Event Promotion on Social Media: The Top Platforms

By on January 29, 2019

An important part of event planning lies in promotion. Promotion gets you attendees and they oftentimes generate revenue. And that’s the point. Every company has the aim to make revenue and thrive. Hence, marketers always look for new ways to promote their events in order to attract as many people as possible 파라솔. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful social media platforms where you can promote your event and get that much-desired number of attendees.


Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. It is the largest network and thus a must for any business Stencil. If your business is not present on Facebook, that’s really, really bad. It’s almost like your business doesn’t exist. Considering the size of this network, whenever you want to host an event, you have to spread the word there. Facebook has many features and one of those is creating an event. You can create an event and invite all your friends. You can post photos, videos, status updates and you can even do live coverage Download the switch pack. These and many other features qualify Facebook for this list.


Did you know that Instagram was bought by Facebook. Facebook has acquired more than 70 smaller companies over the time and one of them is Instagram. Instagram has more than 800 million active users per month and whatever kind of event you want to host, you have to try and reach your audience there 추적자. Art festival? Food and wine festival? New product launch? Promote it on Instagram and rest assured that the right folks will see it. Also, you can post photos, stories, videos, you can even do live coverage on Instagram from the event 코난 데스크톱. Let the others see what’s happening at your event. That’s a good way to promote your company and the event itself.


Twitter has around 320 million active users per month. Many people use Twitter due to its simple and nice interface. Whatever you like to say, you can tweet it and let the world know. The same can apply for your events 아스트로 apk. Twitter is especially good for tech companies since most of its users are tech-savvy. Bear in mind that Twitter has a word limit when posting and that a single tweet reaches its peak after 18 minutes. That means that you’ll have to be creative. Tweeting from an event and keeping everyone posted about what’s going on, well, that’s what Twitter is for 류망의생 다운로드.


This platform is strictly business. LinkedIn has over 250 million active users per month. It is a professional networking platform, business meet potential employees there and vice versa. So, if you ever need a job, LinkedIn is the platform for you 인기동요 300곡. However, you can also promote your business and events you host there. Share content and events there and that will make you much more visible to potential partners, sponsors, customers, etc. Master tactics for promoting events on social media and then take it to LinkedIn Download the Law of Creation. It won’t be a mistake. Guaranteed.


This is a live video streaming app and it’s still relatively new in the world of social media. However, this app will succeed. It’s picking up pace and it hasn’t been around long which means that people have only just started to discover it Download The Musical Empress. Periscope allows users to send live videos to others, directly or publicly. Of course, there is the option of saving video content but you can also delete it. Periscope is an awesome app if you want to have live coverage of your event. Broadcast everything there and make sure you leave a link to your stream on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Non-attendees will only have a chance to see what you’re offering at your event through the video link. In turn, that results in better recognition and potentially more foot traffic next time.


If you want to be recognized, well-known and present online, you have to show up on these platforms. There you can get all the important updates from your industry, there you can promote your business and there you can promote your events. Not being present on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. can only be bad for you. This is the 21st century and the Internet is a powerful tool. Why not use it to help yourself and your business?

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