What Exactly is Public Relations To a Social Media Manager? #PR

By on November 11, 2013
Public relations

What exactly is public relations in the context of being a social media manager that needs to focus on front-end brand exposure all the time? This is the question I am going to investigate today, with some surprising insights linux 서버 파일 다운로드. By the end, you should have a firm grasp of the PR role that you need to play in your business as a small business owner.

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Public Relations 101: The Social Media Edition

Back in the old days of press releases and network marketing meetings, business owners used to create public relations strategies that would help them gain a lot of exposure for their brand, services or people using multiple media tactics 라즈베리파이 이미지.

Basically PR was all about communicating with your target audience, and all consumers that happened to come across your message dignity of dispatch. It was a slow process, and often took years to make your brand ‘famous.’

Fast forward to today and everything has changed, except the goal Angry Angry. Small business owners STILL want people to know about their businesses, and think of them in a positive light.

So, what exactly is public relations to you as the social media manager for your brand 스마트메이커? Let’s make a list and apply it to social media.

Public Relations

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  • The PR-centric social media manager will employ many social content marketing techniques to enhance the visibility of a brand online accused. This includes copywriting, advertising and live events or appearances.
  • Copywriting: Today this applies not just to text, but to all forms of content 360 Cloud Offline. A good social media manager should study content trends in their niche. They should know how to make each piece of content reach the right audience, using social analytics, reporting and split testing Download the previous version. You are part writer, part designer, part analyst.
  • Advertising: For the social media manager, all advertising is social. From Google ads to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest ads – these are ALL important. You need to know if they work, how and when to use them during any kind of product launch or important event. Paid ads drive traffic, and you’re the driver.
  • Events & Appearances: What exactly is public relations other than yet another opportunity to get out into the real world and create some social content! Today your job is not only to plan, organize and facilitate events – you also need to be able to organize content around these events for later inclusion in your content marketing plans.

The small business social media manager can learn a lot from the PR experts from 20 years ago. Get out more often, network with the right people and never, ever leave a bad impression – even if you didn’t put it there to begin with.

So what exactly is public relations? Forming real relationships with your public, thanks to your status as a social manager!

Do you think public relations should evolve to be called something else, or is the practice of relating to the public a social media concern these days?

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