What To Expect From Facebook Changes – Again

By on March 7, 2013

More Facebook changes are on the way, as an entirely new multi-feed system goes live today on the social networking platform. While this new system mildly resembles an older version of Facebook, experts are asking if it’s necessary. Today I investigate what will happen to your Facebook newsfeed in the coming weeks!

Goodbye Single Newsfeed Options

The Facebook changes that will affect you and your business the most, are the ones happening to your newsfeed 랜능크. There are new ways to filter your newsfeed that include viewing streams according to certain categories like music or photos. Instead of having to scroll down a million times only to run out of new content – Facebook proposes this.

Each newsfeed steam will be just as long, only you’ll be able to see and engage with more content – much more content. This will inevitably improve the time people spend on Facebook, and on finding content from YOUR business Download Palace Comics. It’s a win-win for Facebook and Facebook users alike.

The Information Junkies We Are All Becoming

Personally, I think this improvement by Facebook is the best thing they could have done right now. Facebook changes like this improve the user experience, instead of making it less tolerable, like all of their recent advertising changes. I bet a smart executive said – ‘but how can we keep people using Facebook for longer?’ That was the million dollar question Meditation mp3.

The answer was also simple – these new Facebook changes. Increasing the amount of clean friend-based information that a single Facebook user can consume quickly, is key to maintaining their current business model. And with the ad increases this doesn’t come soon enough. If there are going to be more ads, there must be more content Download Dragon Rise.

We are all becoming information junkies, and there is an increasing need for sites like Facebook to make more information available to us. The only problem is – we want it to be simple, super-fast and convenient. That’s no simple task. In order for the Facebook changes to meet this need, they also need to make the navigation of Facebook a little more complex 윈도우 톰캣.

The New Facebook Look

Along with the massive newsfeed changes, you can also expect updates to the photos and ad systems. Photos on Facebook will appear larger –which is great for marketers, and actually marks the beginning of a more friendly way to market to your customers 워크래프트3 맵. Text is great, but let’s be honest – images and moving images are becoming more important online.

Since Pinterest and Twitter Vine, the internet and your potential customers only seem interested in sharing the best images and Vines – text is left alone. But even as these numbers climb, more Facebook changes are on the way. There are rumors that a radical mobile redesign is on the cards for Facebook as well 빠샤메카드 다운로드.

The mobile feed makes advertising look really bad, because it’s so noticeable and unwelcome. I wonder how they’ll improve this! Also on the way is a camera app, or some kind of app that will compete with Twitter Vine. At least that’s the news on the wire right now. With all of these additions and changes, Facebook as we know it will be gone.

The Changing Faces of Facebook

There is a desperate need for Facebook to improve their cluttered appearance java jvm 다운로드. Experts like Techcrunch suggest that they will achieve this by giving things like ‘newsfeeds’ and ‘tickers’ the ability to be hidden. This would definitely leave room for the larger images and whatever new apps they want to promote. Facebook changes like these are needed.

  • The newsfeed is getting an overhaul – you can switch between different content feeds
  • Facebook is punting Instagram by dedicating an entire newsfeed to photos
  • Facebook may introduce an independent music feed to make Facebook users engage more often with Spotify and the music shared on the site
  • Facebook changes could include a new ‘news’ section dedicated to business page updates and general news
  • Link and image posts will be much larger to get more responses from people Download Logitech Setpoint. This is great for advertisers who can expect better click through rates
  • Luxury brands will be attracted to the larger ad formats, and Facebook will get the extra investment it’s been looking for all this time

These Facebook changes tell me a few things. First of all, Facebook is STILL a people-centered platform, they want you to be happy. By keeping you happy, they can make money for their advertisers and business page owners Download Norazo Superman. This is also good news for small businesses that want better returns from their Facebook ad investments.

All in all, the site isn’t just getting swamped by adverts – it’s also getting overhauled for the users that want more, and want it from Facebook. It seems that Facebook as a company is moving in the right direction. I had my doubts at first, but they are making every effort to balance out the business side, with the user side.

The Facelift and The Pace of Change

This new Facebook facelift will no doubt have the internet divided again, as some people love the new feeds, and others hate them. People don’t like change, but it’s so crucial for a giant like Facebook to continue to change to stay relevant.

Just when they bought an image sharing app for a billion bucks, Twitter goes and buys Vine – which becomes the hot new thing.

These Facebook changes will continue because all of the social sites are in competition. A moment spent on Twitter is one not spent on Facebook. I would safely assume that more innovations – especially app-wise – will come from Facebook in the coming year.

You’ll notice that the Facebook trailblazers are being mimicked by just about every other social platform out there. They need to change constantly to stay in front! Hopefully this update will reduce clutter and increase time spent on Facebook, as the developers intend. If it doesn’t, Facebook will be left with a flawed design and a lot of ads bothering their users.

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Have you seen the new Facebook changes? What do you think of them – better or worse?

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