The Facebook Hashtag INVASION Guide!

By on June 13, 2013

Hashtags have finally come to Facebook! Soon, you’ll be seeing little blue hashtag links connected to all sorts of posts. Today, I’m bringing you the ultimate guide to using hashtags on Facebook, what they mean – and how this will change your overall content strategy in the future. Hang on tight this one’s going to be #EPIC!

How Will Facebook Hashtags Differ From Twitter Hashtags?

The hashtag (#) has been around for quite some time, on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Now it’s come to Facebook! The basic functionality of the Facebook hashtag will be the same – to accurately index and group specific crowd-sourced content shift 4 다운로드.

But it will also be used to gain access to conversions from strangers that have used the same hashtag to ‘categorize’ their update or post. Just clicking on the blue hashtag link will bring up a list of posts and people using the hashtag. Then you’ll be able to write content based on what your specific hashtag category is talking about.

It’s a new and exciting way for business pages to gain FANS and interactions on the platform. Personally, I’m really excited at the marketing potential as well 슬랩파이트!

The Coming Hashtag Invasion

Like ‘em or hate ‘em, hashtags are fast becoming one of the dominant content strategies for social media managers. People are split down the middle on this – they either LOVE hashtags or they absolutely hate them. I think hating them is a byproduct of not understanding their business value.

As a business owner, there are things you’ll be able to DO on Facebook that you just couldn’t do before, all thanks to the humble hashtag Navy. It will rapidly improve Facebook’s search functionality and allow your brand to gain more fans in less time, per post.

Facebook is convinced that the hashtag will help users bring ‘public events, people and topics’ to the forefront, as users share and engage in unique conversations. I can’t help but fully support them in this – I was already calling for the introduction of the hashtag on Facebook as far back as a year ago.

The Wildcard Privacy Concerns

As always, whenever Facebook rolls out a new feature, the world wants to know – how private will it be? Privacy concerns have plagued Facebook, with their not-so-simple settings solutions that many users just don’t know how to use. The question on everyone’s mind right now is – if I add a hashtag, who will be able to see it 수능완성?

Well, the logical answer is, everyone. That’s the point of a hashtag – to help organize searchable content into categories so that it can be found by MORE people, who can then respond, engage or like your business page. But due to general complaints, Facebook has instead chosen to link hashtags with existing settings, further complicating people’s lives.

It will work in the same way Graph Search works, and you’ll only see hashtags from people that you are allowed to see. A hashtag in a friends-only post for example, will only be seen by your friends. So, while private users gain this benefit, businesses need to remember to have their settings in order, so that maximum exposure is achieved 무장쟁패.

The Hidden Extra Bits of Hashtagging

Hashtags from other networks will also be clickable – which is Facebook’s attempt to make a hashtag more valuable when used across different networks, a wise move. Simply find your awesome Twitter hashtag on Facebook and create a post right there in that feed.

For businesses, this means greater promotional power in a hashtag. For Facebook, this opens up new and interesting ways to advertise in the future, based on categorized content – much like Twitter does now Download the linengine.

You can see the appeal – when a popular show comes on television, tens of millions of people chat about it on Facebook in real time. Imagine if Facebook could simultaneously advertise to these people? Good move Facebook.

It’s all part of a real time marketing strategy that many huge companies like Facebook are implementing now. They need more people to publish public content, so that sharing escalates and ad reach is extended.

Facebook Marketers: How To Properly Use Hashtags!

Oh boy, we’ve spent years trying to get people to use hashtags properly on other social networks, and now this concern has come to Facebook 닥터후 더빙. The main issue with hashtagging is that private individuals and marketers MISUSE the search symbol.

Here is a list of how you should, and shouldn’t use hashtags on Facebook:

  • The strategic hashtag: Use no more than 2, maximum 3 hashtags to index your updates and posts. These hashtags need to exist for a reason, and that reason is to attract more people to your post and page for engagement. This means your hashtags need to be simple, clean and 100% relevant. #hashtagrules
  • Where should you use hashtags? Either in your #content like this, or at the very end of your content, if it doesn’t make any sense in the copy itself Excel Viewer free. #hashtagrules
  • Create your own brand hashtags: If you own a #juicyhashtag on Twitter, and use it on other networks like Instagram and Pinterest, then use it on Facebook. The potential for fans, engagement and revenue goes up when you extend your hashtag reach to the world’s largest social network.
  • If you’re not sure which hashtag to use, search for one: You’ll see how many people have been using the different variations of hashtag, so that you can select the largest and most commonly used stream.
  • All hashtags on Facebook have their own URL! This means that you can use this URL to drive traffic to your Facebook page, from your other online properties 신청서.
  • You can find hashtags by using Facebook’s main search box. Hashtags can also help you find potential fans and pages, when you use specific search terms.
  • Do NOT ever use random hashtags that don’t make sense, use weird slang, or capitalize on sad events for marketing purposes. And for goodness sake, don’t jam your Facebook posts with them, your fans will get annoyed and will unlike your page.

Where To Go From Here

Right now, your fans don’t know that Facebook has rolled out these new features 어택기. While only a small amount of people have hashtagging on Facebook now, soon it will spread to the entire network. If you’ve used hashtags before, then great. If you haven’t – announce this change to your fans and tell them HOW to use these new links.

It will speed up the sharing process, and get them used to seeing these strange symbols in your posts. Remember, not everyone uses Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram – but billions use Facebook. Clarification may be needed on your part. Good luck!

Do you think the introduction of hashtags on Facebook will improve their service, or make it worse? Let the opinions flow!

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