Facebook Mobile Marketing Tricks For A Product Launch

By on February 11, 2013

Facebook mobile is being used more and more by buyers all over the world. Best of all, they are associating product purchasing with Facebook, often buying straight off the platform. Today I’m going to give you 20 great facebook mobile marketing tricks for your upcoming product launch. Let’s make those key sales when it counts Angry Angry!

Facebook Mobile Marketing: Practical Tips

1. Encourage fans to share what they have just bought from your online store on Facebook. This often increases sales virality and improves sales.

2. Use QR codes to give your online buyers free coupons on Facebook. The Facebook market loves to get once-off, unique discounts for being a fan of yours 스마트메이커.

3. Link your Facebook account to your Pinterest account and dedicate a board to your new product. Create special images and share them on Facebook.

4. Publish a very interesting or inspiring image along with a brand message that is highly viral. Then turn this Facebook marketing message into a promoted post accused.

5. Mobile advertising has improved on Facebook, and you can now get ads and pages recommended to fans and their networks with a small investment.

6. Create product videos and upload them to Youtube. Then share them on Facebook, to take advantage of Facebook mobile 360 Cloud Offline. Aim for that viral effect.

7. Join the throng of people using VINE to create 6 second looping adverts or features for their upcoming products. This is excellent for Facebook mobile users.

8. Announce discounts for all Facebook fans if they click on the tracked link that you will publish to your Facebook page Download the previous version. It’s 15% off for fans!

9. Product sales are about virality, so launch a competition. Facebook mobile competitions work best if entering is about sharing and that’s ALL.

10. Give 5 products to Facebook fans for free in return for a brief review, a photo and an endorsement. Social proof on Facebook is very effective, it will magically boost sales Download the Hangul 2007 trial.

11. Turn your fans into advocates for your brand. Facebook mobile is very ‘sharing-friendly’ so encourage fans to share their experiences with your product.

12. Get your Facebook fans to sign up to your blog mailing list, so that they can become repeat customers later on.

13 Download The White Bearded Whale. Create a hashtag for your product and use it on Facebook mobile. People do this all the time to reflect how they feel. Buying a mixer? #Itsmixingtime

14. Get a mobile app created that ‘sells’ your brand without sales pitches. Pillsbury for example might have a ‘make your own muffin’ app (which increases muffin sales indirectly) scrivener 다운로드.

15. Create Facebook mobile ads that don’t look like ads. Grab people’s attention and create hooks that are different and intriguing.

16. Mobile marketing is all about media images. Get some pro photos taken of your product in action and share them far and wide on Facebook 악동뮤지션 항해 mp3.

17. Create an app game for your brand that uses touch-screen controls. Make it available for free, and flood people with brand messages in a game format.

18. Selling products on Facebook mobile is easy when you install an e-commerce app on your page. Sell them directly from your business profile 나는 왕이로소이다 다운로드.

19. Be creative! Do something outrageous that will get media attention and fame for your new product. Then publish updates on Facebook mobile.

20. Use sponsored Facebook mobile ads to get more likes on your page. Fans will be able to see who of their friends has liked your product.

Use these top 20 mobile strategies to get those products flying out of your online store. Don’t forget to measure your results so that you can improve your next product launch!

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Do you have a Facebook marketing tip that will help sell loads of products?

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