Facebook Newsfeed Outrage: Pages Only Response

By on December 3, 2012

The new Facebook newsfeed has been outraging business owners for quite some time – what with the rumored hefty pricetags that ‘must’ be paid for posts to reach people that already like your page 슈츠 시즌1. In response to this continued outrage, Facebook has rolled out ‘pages only’ a feature that supposedly fixes these problems. Today, we take a closer look Download the movie Kara.

What’s Happening With Facebook Newsfeed?

Since the company went public, it’s been experimenting with new and exciting ways to make more money for its many stock holders Ms Word free. We predicted this may happen some months before the public sale of Facebook shares, and here it is.

Marketers are getting a little bit frustrated over the recent changes to the Facebook newsfeed, which has essentially made showing your posts to your fans very difficult without advertising fport 다운로드. You may have noticed your own ‘x people saw this post’ stats on the decline.

It all began with the Facebook newsfeed fake fan account purge that happened a few months ago Download hp pc driver. Legitimate businesses that paid marketing companies for Facebook fans (which we don’t endorse, but it is a marketing tactic) suddenly lost all of their fans, after Facebook deleted thousands of fake accounts Download port scan.

1. Losing a large amount of fans is never a good thing, and to people that don’t understand why – it could trigger a mass unliking of real people 이프온리 자막.

2. Businesses that pay for Facebook management were outraged. How could their pages drop from 26,000 fans to 3,400 fans in 1 day?

Marketers began to lose money because buying fans was no longer a reliable option yum 패키지 다운로드. This made a lot of business and marketers angry.

More Facebook Newsfeed Issues

I can’t confirm if this is true or not – but I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people saying that they have been noticing a LOT more business page posts in their feed than usual 템플릿. Sometimes it’s quite disproportionate – like 10 posts in a row from 1 page.

Perhaps Facebook is trying to correct the rumors going around that they have made it impossible to get exposure on your Facebook newsfeed or pages now, without significant financial investment secure shell. That means advertising!

Have you noticed those ‘recommended pages’ that keep popping up in your newsfeed? Suddenly there will be a big post, sprawled out in front of you from a page you have never even seen before. I don’t know about you but I haven’t liked any yet. It feels like a violation! Until now, advertising was neatly confined to the edges of your screen.

Now it’s slap bang in your Facebook newsfeed. I’m loathe to say this but it FEELS like Facebook is going the same way as the old Myspace. Overindulgence in advertising, marketers upset, people complaining, a large and ridiculous selection of ad options…all sounds too familiar. Be careful Facebook, be careful.

The Facebook Newsfeed Response

In an attempt to squash the negative sentiment floating around Twitter and in social media forums and marketing blogs, Facebook has rolled out ‘pages only’ which allows a user to switch the newsfeed to only see the business pages you’ve liked. It’s a nice touch, but I’m not sure that people will use it that often.

Techcrunch reported that the entire debacle accusing Facebook of forcing people to buy ads to get more exposure is false. While this may be true, there’s no doubt that Facebook is removing spam pages, while spamming its users with recommended Facebook newsfeed posts. I’m just not sure this whole thing will work in Facebook’s favor. Stay tuned.

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Otherwise – have you noticed anything hinky going on with your newsfeed? Does there seem to be more advertising than usual?

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