Freelancers in the Realm of Instagram – 5 Tactics for Personal Development

By on October 31, 2017

What once started as a photo teenage craze now represents one of the most powerful business tools on the Web. It’s predicted that Instagram will reach the revenue of $2.8 billion only in 2017 and keep growing in the time ahead.

The current popularity of this social medium and its future growth are a great opportunity for freelancers to benefit from its various features 넌 is 뭔들 mp3 다운로드. The following five tactics will help you develop your freelancer career via Instagram.

1)     Creating the first impression

When you’ve downloaded and installed the Instagram app, decide what username you’re going to use.

A smart option would be to incorporate the name of your business into that user name, as well as the year when you founded it. For instance, a freelancer running an enterprise called Smith’s logos, launched in 2010 could go for the username “smithslogos2010” Maple Story live apk. By doing so, you’d already use one generic Instagram feature to send a clear personalized marketing message.

Apart from that, write a concise but effective Instagram bio for your business. While working on it, include shorter words whenever possible and stress out your strongest points as a freelancer. That way, the designer from the example above should include the most prominent clients they’ve worked with so far, as well as the tagline they use in their work Download Tibetan music.

2)     Attracting new followers

There’s no “magic wand” that will make thousands of people follow your Instagram profile, but you need to find the magic formula on your own. Still, there are some common places that will help you achieve that goal.

You can take off by searching Instagram to find the most influential professionals in your niche Download your new resume. The next step is to start following them and share their posts and photos.

Moreover, when you’re posting something related to their activities, add hashtags that will refer to them.

Also, use the power of Instagram Stories to promote your business achievements in a cohesive way 카메라 애플리케이션. This feature will give you a chance to create compelling visual content that will intrigue your existing followers and inspire some new ones. If you’re a digital nomad receiving an award in Japan, put various parts of that ceremony into a story and post it to your Instagram profile.

Other professionals should follow suit in their niches. Basically, as time goes by and your businesses projects keep rolling in, you’ll make a wonderful online portfolio of your professional achievements avr 다운로드.

3)     Posting real-time photos

The greatest advantage of freelancers promoting themselves via Instagram is its immediate nature. For instance, if you’re finishing an important project sitting by the ocean, share a couple of photos containing the surroundings, the project and yourself.

Additionally, enrich them with some wisely directed hashtags, such as mentioning the client you’re working for at that very moment. As a result, you’ll show your followers and potential clients that you’re a committed freelancer 코리아캐스트. Apart from that, you’ll also promote your current client, which is a great investment for your future business collaboration.

Likewise, inform your audience when you’re attending a business course or event. The former case will serve as a great proof that you’re extending your knowledge. The latter, on the other hand, will show that you’re strengthening your networking skills show.

All these features are of great importance for freelancers trying to succeed in the online environment.

4)     Connecting Instagram with your website

Contemporary digital professionals should aim at integrating their online presence into a single marketing unit. This is why you should connect your Instagram profile with the other Internet features you rely on in your freelance career.

First and foremost, you should place a button leading to your Instagram profile next to each and every post you publish on your website 킹스맨 자막. Conversely, place a link to your website in your Instagram stories. However, be aware of the fact that only Instagram business profiles are allowed to this option.

Connecting your Instagram profile and your website extremely practical for freelancers who want to increase both their Instagram and website traffic at the same time 윈도우즈 10 pro.

What’s more, you might raise your clients’ interest into your skills via Instagram, but they’ll also want to have a look at your website, as well. Also, some clients will find it easier to handle the invoice payment terms and communication via your website and email.

5)     Scheduling the posts

No matter if you’re the most successful freelancer in the world in your field, overdoing with Instagram promotion will backfire on your business success. Simply put, your followers might find you too self-obsessed and pushy if you post dozens of photos and stories a day. Also, they could draw some negative conclusions about your work habits, as well – if you’re always on Instagram, when do you work?

Therefore, one or two posts per regular work day will do for balanced promotion. For instance, you can publish the first one at lunchtime – between 12 and 2pm – and the other one in the evening – between 8 and 9pm. That’s when they’ll be relaxing via social media before going to sleep.

As opposed to that, you can try different Instagram posting options and simply track how your audience reacts to schedule variations.  

Still, when you’re an important participant or lecturer at a business conference, intensify the number of Instagram posts per day. It’s a unique opportunity to promote your success in real time. As a result, you’ll engage your audience into following your day and sharing your posts.


The great thing about Instagram is the fact that your freelancer image here can be different from your real-life business personality. While reality often forces us to take firm attitudes and deal with different business issues, you can create a laid-back business story on Instagram. In turn, this should generate leads interested in your work and win over new clients. All these steps will help you pursue a successful freelancer career in the online and offline environment.

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