How to Generate Leads with Viral Video Marketing

By on August 28, 2015

Are you interested in using social media to generate more leads? The majority of business owners record a drop in generation of new leads simply because they cease to think of strategic conversion methods. Viral video marketing is fast becoming one of the most reliable strategies used to generate leads. This form of marketing involves the creation of a short video that can be shared and is aimed at implementing a “mini-campaign” that will drive opt-ins Download Infinite Challenge wm7.

Planning a Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Create a social video:

    To convert your fans on social media into customers, the first step is to get them off the social platforms and into your mailing list. Start by moving them from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to your landing page. To achieve this, use short social videos 카카오스토리 무료. Ideally, videos are visual, personal, quick, and easy to share. In order to create a video that works:

    • Get Real
    • Grab Their Attention by including content giveaways such as book chapters or eBooks sapjco3.jar 다운로드.
    • Be Specific — Give your viewers reasons they do not want to miss out on your products.
    • Call to Action.
  2. Plan a “Mini-Campaign”:

    When using social media, a mini-campaign is just that – a well-planned strategy that is used on different social platforms for a given duration 커스텀 메이드2. To get results that are consistent, you should:

    • Pick a theme that unites your content.
    • Prepare irresistible offers.
    • Create a landing page that is professional and outline benefits included in your video.
    • Next, you have to include supporting content in the video which can either be:
      • Indirect content which revolves around building trust so that your fans eagerly await your offers 스타듀 밸리. This is achieved by making the experience fun for them.
      • Direct or premium content is where the lead generation video comes in. You should update direct opportunities that fans can take advantage of. The video should be used as a teaser.
  3. Use Multiple Social Platforms to Leverage the Video:

    With the video ready, plan on how you intend to get the most from its share-ability I downloaded it eight times. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the platforms that can be used to share your videos.

The Advantage of an Email Gate

The best and simplest manner to capture the contact information of your prospects is by setting an email gate. Asking your viewers to provide their email address before they can access a video makes it possible for you to create new leads whenever a prospect shows interest 윈도우 아이클라우드 사진. If you are working with an automaton marketing platform such as Eloqua or Marketo, a gate is powerful as your MAP automatically creates contact records for a viable lead after the viewer fills in the fields and also keeps track of their viewing behavior.
Unlike the case with YouTube where all you do is know the number of people watching, gating content attaches identity to the viewer and increases leads based on their history of viewed videos aix jdk 다운로드. An email gate makes it possible for you to follow up leads with content that matches the specific needs of your viewers.

Effectiveness of Video Marketing

Internet users are more inclined to watch videos than any other thing. It is this aspect that makes it an effective marketing technique. The level of effectiveness can be witnessed in four major areas which are:

  • High retention and engagement rates – The manner in which you engage your audience is important since the majority of them have a low attention span I downloaded that on time i'll leave. With video marketing, it is easy to engage your clients and this leads to increased retention rates.
  • Can be used in support of other mediums – Your video does not have to be of the same quality as commercials. You can use videos to promote other content such as your website or even emails. The addition of a video to your website has the ability to increase the possibility of making it to Google’s front page 53 times better 묵검향 반야.
  • Drives great overall conversions – People who look at the videos you make are likely to end up as customers.
  • Increased visibility – With video, you can tell what your viewers like most and what they do not like. In the end, this helps to increase your visibility.

Promoting Your Business with Video Marketing Services

It is time you used video marketing to promote your business if you are not already doing so. With these services, you can educate your viewers more about what you have to offer. Additionally, since people have a high retention span after watching videos, they will remember your business for a long time.

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