How Live Streaming on Social Media Can Grow Your Business

By on April 1, 2020

Audience engagement with live video is impactful with 80% of the audience choosing live videos over blog posts from brands. To start integrating live streaming to your business strategy, social media is the best bet. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. have integrated live streaming to their platforms and an increasing number of businesses are modifying their social strategies to match this trend.

Online viewers demand live videos and this trend is expected to grow with 80% of the entire Internet traffic expected to be videos by 2022. By broadcasting live to social channels like Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live, you are creating eye-catchy content that improves your position in the search. Social media streaming also allows you to attract the target audience and bring them back to your website.

While it seems to be incredibly easy, establishing and maintaining a social media presence for your brand can feel a little intimidating. With so many social platforms competing for attention, it might be difficult to focus your efforts on the right one. But streaming across social media platforms is easier than you think if you plan for it beforehand Download The Plant Vs Zombies. In this blog, let’s cover why, where and how to set up live streaming on social media to grow viewers and engagement for your business.

Why is live streaming on social media crucial for 2020 business success?

No doubt, live streaming is the most powerful marketing tool to promote and grow your business. But what is that makes live streaming powerful? Let’s take an in-depth look into why live streaming on social media is crucial for 2020 business success.

They are discoverable

With the ever-advancing algorithm of social media platforms, it’s easy for normal posts to get buried deep in the user feeds. This is because most posts have to compete for spots as they appear to the audience that social media platforms think will be more interested in them. But, the story is a little different for live streams. Live streams put you on the top of your users’ feeds, which makes your brand more visible so that your viewers won’t miss them.

Not just your followers, the users who are not following your brand on the platform can also discover and view your live videos without even clicking on your profile Bandit. When you go live, the social media platform directly alerts your followers and reminds them to check your live videos. Visibility and discoverability are the two best opportunities for your brand to create new raving followers and remain in the minds of your audience.

Grow your community and keep you relevant

Live streaming is a modern approach businesses can adopt to connect with your viewers directly. By connecting and fostering audience engagement, you will be able to take your business growth to new levels.

In live videos, brands can add hashtags that appear on the top of the user feeds when they search for the same hashtags. This drives traffic to your website and encourages people to check your live videos and other posts. However, when using hashtags in your live streams, make sure you don’t overdo it to make your live stream descriptions cluttered. You can also add location tags in live streams which will help to boost your brand’s visibility and improve overall performance.

When people search for particular places, the location tags will come up in the results. For example, Instagram stories allow users to add location tags. You can also improve the impact by tagging other users in your live streams. This will not only increase your visibility, but will also increase brand awareness and introduce you to new users, and grow your community dll files fixer.

Encourages engagement

People love to share their thoughts and express their opinions online. Unlike normal social media posts, live videos allow you to engage with your audience in a more interactive way. With live streaming, you can get instant feedback, set up polls, an instant response on new products, ask questions, hype up big events, or just start an interactive chat. Add a personalized touch by adding stickers and GIFs in your live videos. All of these elements will give your viewers a reason to take a look at your content and connect with your brand.

Broadcasting live allows you to share real-time events with your target audience. Be it live streaming big events, announcing an upcoming product launch, sharing your daily business activities, live streaming allows you to communicate directly to the audience. In return, the audience can ask questions, write their opinions in comments, and give their reactions. As social media notifies your audience when you are broadcasting live, they will know when to tune in to your live videos.

Offer authenticity and inclusion

Unlike heavily edited videos, live streaming brings in an element of “realness” from your social media content amd driver. Generally, live videos focus on personal connections and authenticity. Live sessions allow you to show the honest and vulnerable side of your brand. The live content might be raw, but it works well in your favor and reveals the human side of your business.

Whether it is taking your audience behind the scenes of an event, hosting Q&A sessions, or sharing important brand messages, live streams make your business more relevant and relatable to your followers. By showing the real side of your brand, your audience will get to understand better your product and services, team members, processes, and the brand as a whole. Real and authentic live streaming often performs better than pre-edited videos. It helps you establish a stronger personal connection with your audience.

Choosing the right live streaming platform

When you begin experimenting with social media live streaming make sure to take one step at a time. Rather than creating live events back to back, it is better to focus and channel your efforts into creating one great live stream. When live streaming you need to have a designated team to take the questions on your live streaming Coreavc.

Depending on your target audience, you might prefer one social media platform over another or establish your presence on many platforms simultaneously. Once you become familiar with social media live streaming, you can expand your social media strategy to expand your live streaming efforts to other destinations. For example, if you are running a live streaming business, you can consider building your own platform to take your business to the next level.

Diversifying your live streaming efforts is the best way to reach viewers on different channels to accommodate all types of audiences. To choose the right social media platform for live streaming, you must be familiar with the popular live streaming platforms. Here is a list of most common social media platforms that integrate live streaming functionality.


Twitters’ periscope is a live streaming platform designed for businesses of every kind. Users can live stream directly to periscope from a mobile device or an encoder with periscope producer which is a program designed especially for live streamers Download Nero Express. Open the Periscope app and click on the “Broadcast” button or camera icon and you will be live. By using Periscope producer, you can easily stream from Vimeo to Periscope.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the most popular and widely used live streaming platforms that is still growing and innovating. When browsing your Facebook profile, you probably have noticed that live videos appear on the top of your feed. This is because Facebook gives more exposure to live videos. Even after your live stream ends, you can post it to your feed which helps in increasing the exposure. Live streaming on Facebook Live helps to reach and organically engage your audience.

Instagram Live

Following the path of Facebook Live, Instagram also rolled out its live streaming function. Housed inside Instagram’s popular Stories sections, the function allows businesses to engage with the audience in real-time.

While it started with Instagram stories, the platform now offers IGTV as well to help the brands to reach their audience effectively Tekken 7pc. Instagram is continuously improving its live streaming features to give you something new to keep your followers interested and engaged.

YouTube Live

YouTube is one of the largest and popular video streaming platforms that is already being used by brands to promote their business. Hence it comes as no surprise as YouTube live is equally, or if not more popular than the platform itself. As YouTube is a video platform, your live videos cater to a more filtered audience than any other social network. Like other social media platforms, YouTube Live is also incredibly easy to use and you can archive your streaming for later viewing as well.

How to use live streaming to grow your business

To guarantee successful live streaming to grow your business, there are some of the things you need to consider. These tips and tricks apply to all live streaming platforms including the popular social media networks.

Interact with your viewers

If you take some of the successful live streams, you can see the streamers interacting with their audience by acknowledging their presence and answering their questions. Interacting with your viewers is a great way to build healthy relationships that revolve around your brand. Remember, your viewers would really appreciate it when they get noticed.

Host contests and offer giveaways

Who doesn’t love freebies 디어헌터? Offer giveaways to your audience and announce it via live streaming. This can cause a huge spike in your viewership during your live sessions. When you give away the price, make sure it relates to your brand or the products and services you sell. Alternatively, you can also run contests on your live videos to foster user engagement.

Announce breaking news

Live streaming presents a great opportunity for your brand to announce or report breaking news across your target market in real-time. If you have a piece of hot news, then host a live session. If you are attending a big event that your brand participates in, then host a live session to make your online audience a part of it. Show your viewers that you are interested in informing them about the trending things happening in the industry.

Create exclusive content

People love to be informed and “in the know”. They like to be part of an exclusive program. Then, why not host live videos for that specific purpose. For example, if you already shoot videos for YouTube or other platforms, then why not live stream the making scenes of your videos. Creating exclusive content for your audience is a great way to create and increase the interest of your audience.

Invest in the right gear

If you are serious about using live streaming for your business or running a live streaming business, you need to invest in some of the essential pieces of equipment 멕클릭 다운로드. If you are just starting, use a great quality smartphone, or an entry-level camera, microphone, a live streaming software, etc. to run your live streams professionally.

Consider your brand

Even though most of the things we talked about here are general for most brands, some things work better for one brand than others. To run successful live streams, it is important to consider your brand image and the audience you are trying to reach. Get to know the behavior of your audience and adjust your live streaming strategy accordingly. If you are not streaming relevant content, you might bore your audience with long live videos that don’t interest them.

Learn from others

As live streaming is gaining momentum in the industry, there are a lot of people who are already doing it well. Find some of the top streamers and learn from them how to stream effective live videos. Additionally, there are plenty of training resources online you can use if you really want to take it at a professional level.


As your business expands, integrating live streaming to your business strategy can revolutionize your communication strategy 신화 표적. Whether you are new to live broadcasting or looking to optimize the way you are currently using live streaming, the techniques we discussed will take you forward. When choosing to live stream, create your live content based on the audience you want to target and choose the best live streaming strategy. Hope this blog covered significant insights on how to set up live streaming on social media to grow your business. If you aren’t using live streaming yet, you are missing out on lucrative opportunities to grow your business. Integrate live streaming into your marketing strategy to build a more personal relationship with your audience.

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