How To Boost Book Sales With Social Media

By on January 30, 2012

If you’re an author or a marketer that wants to sell lots of books online, then you don’t want to miss out on today’s post. There are so many ways to sell your book online with social media chrome web browser. For increased exposure, more traffic and more customers – social marketing is definitely the way to go.

#1: Use Amazon as Your Publisher

Sell your book or ebook directly on by signing up for their author membership account 지금 무료. Digital books work best here, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of the Amazon traffic, SEO and popularity listings. Make sure that your product page is clear, dynamic and well thought out Download the rix font!

#2: Sell Directly Off Facebook

Set up a page on Facebook for your new book. Add followers any way you can. If this means giving away some free ebooks, then go for it 윈도우7 프리셀! Once you have a decent community, get a basic shopping cart app created and add your book to it. You can also add in a free shopping cart. Publish updates, promos and discounts jdk 다운로드.

#3: Create a Theme Blog

Use your blog, or create a blog that supports the information found in your book. Your blog will gain readers, and you’ll be able to build an email subscriber list for additional sales Opera browser. Publish posts everyday, and include a nice ad next to each post with a link through to your sales page. Or sell right off your blog 뻐꾸기 소리 다운로드! Great for SEO!

#4: Link Tweets with Blogs

Create a hashtag specifically for your book and encourage discussion, testimonials and questions about it via your hashtag on Twitter 따오기. Write a great headline and include a link to those blog posts you’ve been writing – publish in your Twitter feed. Host live Twitter discussions to get exposure for your niche topic touch vpn 다운로드.

#5: Adverts Away!

Invest in both Google PPC adverts and Facebook adverts to drive traffic to your blog, or specific sales page Download the movie Yeonpyeong Naval Battle. A blog is less threatening though, and may get more clicks. Your goal is to drive as much traffic as you can to your sales pitch.

#6: LinkedIn Group

Post an update to your LinkedIn group explaining that you’ve written a book and that it’s available. To get extra attention, give a few away, or send out an email with a link to the sales page.

#7: Google+ and Youtube Videos

Upload lots of persuasive videos based on your book, to Google+ and Youtube. If you can’t afford to make videos, host webinars on the topic, record them in Hangouts – then add in a bit at the end stating where viewers can buy your book.

#8: Network With Bloggers

If you have a network of friendly niche bloggers (like you should have) then contact them and ask if they could review your book for you. Send them a free copy. Get as many free reviews of your book posted as possible. Authority endorsements work!

Use these great tips to encourage more book sales online. Remember the larger your communities grow – the easier it will be to sell to them. If you have existing communities, it’s even easier. Just remember to load your book sales with incentives. To sell one book for $49.00, you should be giving three shorter books away for free.

How do you use social media to sell your books? We’re dying to know your secret! Leave it for us below.

About John Souza

John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.

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