How To Curate Information From Twitter

By on October 31, 2012

Twitter has become quite the breaking news resource, and it’s packed full of user-generated information, topics and tips. If you know where and how to look, you’ll never be short of content for your blog or social media pages Download Maggirls. Today, I’m going to show you how to curate content on Twitter.

A Quick Curation Guide 101

Curating content simply means collecting content from various credible places online Download mobile jw player videos. When you share someone else’s blog post on your Facebook page, that’s curating content – or when you retweet something on your Twitter feed. If it involves someone else’s work and you’re sharing it on your own network, you’re curating content Download Manpromus.

Twitter As a Curation Tool

There are three reasons why you’ll want to use Twitter as your main content curation tool 로스트사가 다운로드.

1) Twitter is to the second, which means content is always fresh there
2) Twitter is home to some expert curators, which makes your job easier
3) Twitter is brimming with content gems waiting to be discovered

First of all subscribe to these 3 accounts:

• @BreakingNews (4 million followers)
• @nytimes (6 million followers)
• @Reuters (2 million followers)

If you subscribe to these 3 accounts you’ll always be informed when breaking news hits, and you can then use it to boost your social strategy I downloaded mp3 from my age. For example, news is rampant because of Hurricane Sandy in New York. If you were warned early of this, you could have used it to create a thoughtful blog post 모바일 레전드 다운로드.

Use Twitter Search

I love Twitter search, it’s a vastly underused resource for content creators online 롤러코스터 1 다운로드. Simply type in the term or topic that you’re searching for, and you’ll be able to find incredible accounts with amazing content. Then save your search, so you can find those accounts again when you need more info later Download the startup app.

Use Twitter search for:

• Facebook post updates
• Twitter retweets
• Finding niche authorities
• Creating interesting blog post topics
• User generated research for ebooks or whitepapers
• To find great hidden blogs the search engines hide
• To find unique Pinterest images

Think of Twitter as a super-powered search engine, except it’s run by people and not stats grammarly 다운로드. If I type in ‘social media’ for example, I immediately get a list of real people and companies working in the social media niche. Then I can pop onto their pages and find relevant content for this post cadmas 무료.

Clicking on @mauricefreedman (Social Media Expert) I find an interesting article on how brands can now buy video ads on Linkedin. I can then choose to create a post of my own about it, write a response post to his blog or just share the info with my social network.

Twitter has the power to provide you with new information, something you always need when you’re running your own social campaigns. So, keep your eyes pealed and take advantage of breaking news, trends and hot topics in your niche, by using Twitter as a curation tool.

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How do you find content to share online?

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