How To Instigate a Massive, SOLD OUT Pinterest Sale! #Pinterest

By on August 12, 2013
Pinterest sale

Pinterest has recently rolled out a new feature that makes hosting ‘rush’ sales a tangible option on a social network! Now, your followers will be notified if you drop your prices to below what they would expect to pay for a much-wanted item Download the Harry Potter audiobook. Today is about learning how you can leverage this feature for maximum sales!

The Powerful Pinterest Sale

People that still believe there is no sales benefit to being on a platform like Pinterest are now almost certainly eating their words Mark apk. Thanks to the latest Pinterest update that allows your pin followers to place ‘alerts’ on the product items that you sell – now you can orchestrate and instigate Pinterest ‘rush’ sales, akin to time limited sales that happen in stores alo 다운로드.

All it takes is a little smart-strategy called the Pinterest rush sale:

Step 1: Have a Lot of Pinterest Followers Battle of Bong Odong!

Traditionally in marketing and sales online you can expect maybe 1-3% of the people that see your promotion to actually buy something from you 도깨비 1회. Interestingly, this can improve if you have a really nice Pinterest page with lots of interactions and real fans.

If your price is good enough however you can over-ride the primary price ‘on sale’ and compete with larger brands by being cheaper than they are 콜 오브 듀티 블랙 옵스 4.

Step 2: Plan a Series of Related Products To Put on Sale

Now, selling based on price competition is usually an awful way to do business Free download of the iPhone paid app. You end up losing money if you sell too many sales items for too little. But there is a way to take advantage of the new price alerts feature in a responsible manner 삼국지 4.

Remember if someone enlists for a price alert on another site, they will still see your price if it’s the cheapest, or one of the best.

Pick several related products from your board lists and make them really stand out 신사조 영웅전. I’m talking about items that aren’t selling from your backlists, or products that need a bit of a boost when it matters. By combining price discounts and time-sensitive deals you can make a lot of money here Lifeline apk.

Pin alert

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Step 3: Take Care of The Small Details

Pinterest is uniquely set up to behave like a sales site, because images sell products – as do personal testimonials – two things Pinterest has in droves. This one of those times it pays to have a few friend-pinners. When you launch your time-sensitive sale and Pinterest sends out the email alerts for you, make sure that you have your other resources ready.

• Several great images of your product spread across your social platforms
• A special blog post about your rush sale on your blog
• An email newsletter or LinkedIn group email announcing the opportunity
• Put a countdown on your website and make your community excited about the sale
• Advertise that as much as 80% of the original price will be knocked off
• Support your price alerts with sale images, and other promos

You will need to get your pinners to comment on the great value and quality of your sale items in the comment sections that are visible to potential buyers. If you can place a Pinterest sales banner on your website where they will buy the product, even better. People may get confused when they click through to find a business website.

Use this very simple strategy to sell your backlisted products, to promote hard-to-sell items or to support a product launch. It works great with digital file sales!

What has your experience been selling products using Pinterest?

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