How To Leverage Pinterest For B2B Marketing

By on April 19, 2012

A lot of small businesses work in the business-to-business space, supplying services or products to other businesses. But how can your B2B leverage Pinterest Download Windows 8 Update? Today, I’m going to show you how to get your business noticed with this awesome social platform!

In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is the latest social network with traffic power bigger and stronger than Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter ban changko movie! We’re hosting a great webinar soon on Pinterest, you should sign up here, if you want to know more!

Telling The Story of Your Business With Infographics

Pinterest is an incredible image collection and sharing platform, and you can take advantage of it with your very own infographics windows 7 ie9 다운로드. Create an infographic that will wow your B2B clients. Here are some great ideas that I’ve seen so far:

• An infographic on business processes and methods
• An infographic on the successes and results that you’ve achieved
• An infographic on your business history, complete with timeline
• An infographic explaining what your business can DO for your clients

Using Short Images For a Powerful Marketing Campaign

A few businesses are leveraging the power of Pinterest, by creating images that look like memes, only they’re business orientated adoration. Not only are these amusing to read and share, but they’ll carry your business message far and wide and people share them. Start with a great image, or existing meme and add in the text yourself Download Skyrim SaveFile. Get creative!

• Make a meme of your product images to boost viral potential

Goodbye Flicker, It’s Over to Pinterest

If you happen to need an image storage depot (as we all do from time to time) deposit your photos on your Pinterest account, instead of Photobucket or Flickr 5 centimeters per second. New stats have revealed that fans are way more active on Pinterest anyway, so that’s where you want to share.

When a potential client requests some marketing collateral, or samples – direct them to your Pinterest account, for a super interactive experience Catia free. They’ll be able to see all the wonderful social proof directly under each image, where fans have commented.

Image Tutorials and Closing The Sale

As a B2B company there will be a lot of questions about your status in the industry 더많은 확장프로그램. Other businesses want to know that you have a successful track record. That’s why you need to spend some time building authority on Pinterest, with ‘tutorial’ type image posts 포플레이. Teach your fans how to do something once, and they’ll comment forever.

Showcase Your Brand Talent

Another great use for Pinterest is to use it to showcase your brand and your employees Hello Cocomont. Take photos of your work place, and your staff and add a human element to your profile. You should take photos every chance you get, especially when you’re at events or doing promotions in your local area.

Use these tips to expand your social brand power with Pinterest. If you focus on getting more B2B clients this way, you’re bound to make a name for yourself as an innovative leader in your field.

How do you use Pinterest for B2B marketing? I’d like to hear any tips you have for me!

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