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By on September 7, 2013
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Social media managers don’t have a benchmark for content organization, so individual companies tend to figure out the ‘semantics’ for themselves Free download of the iPhone paid app. But what about small businesses that will probably never be able to afford a social content consultant? Today I’m going to show you how to organize, prioritize and group your social properties 삼국지 4.

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By Order of Importance: These Are Your Social Platforms

As a small business you will be flooded by the number of social platforms online today Lifeline apk. Visit any blog online and they will have their opinion on which sites you should be on and why. But YOU need to decide which sites will adequately suit your business needs and if they will support and enhance your social goals 캐논 eos utility 3.6.

  • Set your main goal, your secondary goal and a batch of minor goals.
  • Place them in order of importance and use them as a guide when you are prioritizing your content creation and publication schedule Download Windows 10 Korean Language Pack.

(Earn business more money, get a larger fan base, gain measurable exposure and seek out B2B connections. These are common goals for a small business.)

Creating Content Groups For Creation, Publication and Scheduling

To determine which platforms are most important to your business, you will have to perform a system of checks Download Windows MovieMaker 2018. YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook would be excellent for a video-based blog, but a photographer may want to consider Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest instead 윈도우10 한글 언어팩.

      Based on research – which site could potentially improve your sales?
      Which site could improve your click-through ratios?
      Where could you foster and build the largest community 마이크로소프트 익스플로러 11 다운로드?
      Which sites to you tend to use the most in a social context?

Ask yourself pertinent questions on WHICH social platforms you should actually be using, based on your predefined goal sets Download Hancom 2014 vp. Sometimes the Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn trifecta does not always work for a small business social manager.

Social Content

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Common Social Content Strategy Groups

In the corporate world, social content is often grouped so that it is easier to manage. Here are the groupings that are most popular.

Primary Social Media Platforms:

• Company Blog
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn

Secondary Social Media Platforms:

• Pinterest
• YouTube

Social Media Content Syndication Tools:

• Hootsuite
• Buffer
• StumbleUpon
• Digg
• Reddit

Social Media Measurement and Analytics Tools:

• Individual Platform Tools (Facebook Insights, Pinterest Insights)
• Social Monitoring Sites
• Google Webmaster Tools
• Hootsuite Analytics

Once you have your basic content structure outline, you can begin to prepare and plan your social media strategy for each platform. It can be quite a daunting task, that can be done a number of ways. For a small business owner – an Excel spread sheet will do.

Create your strategy within the context of an overall strategy to prevent your content from becoming siloed, duplicated or overused. As a general rule, no two pieces of the same content should be seen on your social platforms. Instead, use the same central topic and links to create new, original content for each platform.

Which social media sites do you think are more important for your business or brand?

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