How to Promote Your Graphic Design Business with Social Media

By on October 23, 2019

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Graphic design is a highly competitive industry 원피스 전권. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 290,000 people with this profession in just the United States. Thanks to the internet, competition in this industry is several times more considering that a designer competes with peers from across the world for a project 카카오페이지 한번에.

This has led to a commoditization of the profession. With services like Fiverr, clients today expect their logo or other design projects to be done for as little as $5 Sketchup 2017. To be able to compete successfully, graphic design agencies need a brand that can stand out from the crowd. Social media offers one of the most cost effective ways to do this 네트워크 드라이브 다운로드.

Find a niche 

As a designer, you are equipped to work on a number of diverse projects Cultural Broadcasting Corporation. On social media, however, it is a good idea to focus on a smaller niche. You can, for instance, promote your logo design or infographics. This makes it easier to build a brand for your business 50 Shadow Liberation. There are other reasons why this strategy is helpful.

Search listings: Platforms like Instagram place heavy emphasis on your account handle and user name while performing search functions n드라이브 탐색기 다운로드. By focusing on a niche, you can create handles and usernames that carry this keyword. For example, a search for ‘Explainer videos’ on Instagram will show you a list of accounts with this term in their username and handle 크롬 플래시게임. This tells you how important specialization is.

Boards: Graphic designers make extensive use of Pinterest to showcase their work Download movie tunnel. These boards help you get seen by prospective clients when they are looking for ideas. While you are free to create as many boards as you want (that focus on various niches like logo designexplainer videos, etc.), you may be able to fill up your board faster when focusing on one niche datafilehost. Larger boards also get higher visibility and thus increases your chances of being seen.

Showcase your work outside your channel 

When launching your own business, you are often forced to grow your social media accounts from scratch. But you do not always have to wait for your social media accounts to gain popularity before promoting your work. There are dozens of popular social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that are committed to showcasing the best graphic design work from designers across the world.

Invest in creating top notch work and engage with these accounts to showcase your work. In doing so, you will be able to reach an audience that is beyond your scale of influence. You can do this even if you are yet to find clients of your own. Prospective clients like to work with designers with a good portfolio regardless of whether it was made for a client or not.

Track comments from prospective clients on social media

One of the most effective ways to promote your graphic design business on social media is through competitive monitoring. Graphic design is a highly visual business and this makes it attractive for social media promotions. Not surprisingly then, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are extremely popular tools to market these businesses.

Build a list of competitor accounts on these social media pages and constantly monitor their submissions for comments from prospective buyers. Comments from users asking for price or seeking quotes is a great indication of purchase intent. By reaching out to these users directly can help you find qualified leads you can convert for your business. 

What other tips do you have for a graphic design company looking to promote themselves on social media? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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