How To Tweet Like a Twitter Master: The Blueprint #Twitter

By on September 3, 2013
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Twitter can be a tough social network to get right, especially when you’re starting to do your businesses own social media strategies. For the pros, there is a solid checklist of elements that must be included in crafting ideal tweets for syndication Download Miracle mu Awakening. Today, I’m going to teach you how the big boys design their Twitter content.

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Your Ideal Twitter Content Checklist

I’m a firm believer in showing, not telling, when it comes to the technical nature of social content 영화 라이온킹. So, here is what a good tweet looks like.

The Good Tweet:

@Facebook changes from blue to pink for #breastcancer week 윈도우10 캡쳐도구. Will fans be irate? Get the scoop here! [blog]

A tweet is 140 characters long. The text should take up 100 characters. The link 20 윈도우 7 사진 뷰어. Then 20 should be left for your followers to use.

What Makes This Tweet Work?

  • Use a link shortener for every link Call 3. Using the built-in Twitter link shortener is easy, but you won’t be able to track which links were clicked the most. For a savvy social media manager, link tracking on Twitter is gold 씨엔플러스.
  • Aim for 100 characters of text in your tweet. This should include Twitter handles (@SMMagic) and hashtags (#Socialmediaimpact).
  • If you are going to refer to a business, an author, blogger or another Twitter account, make sure that you add in their live link Twitter handle Download the middle school textbook pdf. If you are retweeting another bloggers link, then you MUST mention their handle. It will bring you closer together in your network.
  • Give your readers a reason for clicking on your link 다빈치 다운로드. Add in a short question, or a powerful prompt that adds likability, interest or engagement to your tweet.
  • Always add in a call to action. Calls to action greatly increase the click-through and retweet potential of your update 윈도우8 그림판.
  • Every single tweet should be part of your SEO strategy. From the words you use in your tweet, to your hashtags – do your keyword research and integrate them into the text of your tweet.
  • Twitter content

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  • People like to know what they are clicking on. When you use a link shortner, it takes away their ability to identify where that link goes just by looking at it. That’s why many top marketers use [blog] or [magazine] or [ebook] to describe their URL. It results in higher click-throughs and better conversions.
  • 80% of your tweets should contain some sort of image. It’s not a rule, but marketing split tests have proven that tweets with images in them get more engagement. Why wouldn’t you want 80% of your tweets to get more engagement?
  • Leave 20 characters worth of space at the end of your tweets for people that want to retweet your update. A more extreme version of this is the micro-tweet. The concept behind the micro-tweet is that the more space you give your followers, the higher the chance that they will retweet your tweet with something nice to say about it – without jeopardizing any keywords!
  • Finally, never – and I mean never use more than 3 hashtags and 3 handles in your tweet, preferably not at the same time. Believe me, it just makes your tweet disappear among the thousands of other poorly contrived texts on Twitter.

With these powerful social content tips, you’ll be able to whip your Twitter feed into shape in no time. Don’t forget to use clean, simple English and to edit your tweets for spelling and grammar. Do this, and your fanbase will continue to grow, while you rake in the interactions and become an awesome Twitter user!

Do you have any other tips for designing the ‘perfect’ tweet? Leave them here.

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