How To Use Booshaka For Facebook Business

By on March 3, 2012

Facebook is becoming an increasingly complex social platform for businesses to use effectively. But lucky for us – there are a number of savvy entrepreneurs who are making great strides in sorting through all of your Facebook info 적과 흑 영화. Now you can use this info to make your fan page better. One of the leaders is Booshaka.

What is Booshaka?

Booshaka may have a strange name, but boy does it deliver as advertised Crimson Peak subtitles. Basically Booshaka takes a look at your page information, and then recognizes who your top page contributors are. With the new timeline format, this is an invaluable tool for companies that want to appreciate and reward their best fans plex 다운로드!

The entire Booshaka system works on points. Fans can earn points by performing different functions on your page – like commenting, liking, polling and so on 침대렐라. It then measures the quality of these contributions and ranks your top fans. Best of all, they have proven data that says when you use the Booshaka leader board, your interaction can increase three fold wpf toolkit 다운로드.

Using Booshaka For Business

Let’s get down to the crunch. What can Booshaka do for your Facebook page, and is it worth using Pentaho? Monitoring is a crucial part of managing a successful fan page. Booshaka makes monitoring and providing incentives to valued fans as easy as pie. It’s very valuable if you find yourself lacking in the interaction department all&g.

Use Booshaka To:

• Recognize the fans that matter most
• Engage in conversation with these fans
• Reward them for their loyalty and interaction
• Encourage competition between board leaders
• Add a nice new attraction tool to your fan page
• Makes reading and using fan analytics a breeze

For small businesses, Booshaka is shaking up the Facebook analytics scene 속독 성경 mp3. You could run competitions exclusively for fans that have attained a certain points score, or invite specific fans to become ambassadors for your brand, based on their interactivity levels fear 2 다운로드. It will help you streamline your Facebook incentives process.

There is a paid and free version of Booshaka that is available for your Facebook page 테크넷 구독자. We recommend the paid version, because you get access to all kinds of awesome community-based data insights, as they relate to the Facebook world. You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of your app, and installation is easy enough for anyone to use.

One of the best things about Booshaka is the competitive facet that comes into play when you use the app. A leader board by nature is very competitive, as fans will always want to reach the top. This is what will drive more interaction on your pages.

All you’ll have to do is remember to promote your Booshaka leader board every week. Let your fans know that you care about your top contributors! Marketers are always looking for ways to improve their reach, and we think that this is a great way to do it. After all, fans are what matter most on Facebook!

Do you think Booshaka is worth using? Tell us about your experience using the Booshaka app! Did interaction increase? We want to know!

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