How To Use Google Trends To Boost Your Content SEO

By on July 8, 2013

Google Trends may be a lesser known service from the search engine giant, but it’s an incredible way to ensure that your content is found. When you know what people are looking for, you can direct thousands of additional readers to your blog every month. Today, I’m investigating how you can use Google Trends to make this happen!

What is Google Trends?

As you know, real time searches are virtual goldmines for marketers that base their strategies on sound analytics 킹메이커. Google Trends shows you how often a certain search term has been used over time – and WHERE people are searching for that term. What does this mean?

• You can find geographically specific search trends
• You can see where in the world people are searching for specific information
• You can compare and contrast search terms to sharpen your SEO

Google Trends has 3 tabs, and they are ALL highly useful when you are looking to get more readers eyes on your blog posts Download java 1.7. You can also search keyword terms you have already researched, to discover more info about them.

The Hot Search: Click on the Google Trend Hot Search list and you will see a list of names or terms that are being searched most in the world right now. Insert a keyword from here into your blog post to make it relevant and part of the trend. When your blog is part of a climbing trend search, you will get more traffic Download the Greek Zorba movie.

Top Charts: The Google Trend Top Charts function is new, and it’s incredibly useful for bloggers that want to spice up their posts, add an SEO boost and get higher conversions across the board. Here you’ll see Google searches split into categories, which is great for social media managers – as you can see visual representations of the most trending, popular subjects in every category Ms office access 2010 Hangul. For example, you can see here at the time of writing this post – if I needed to blog about a dog breed, a drink or an energy company, choosing pit bulls, coffee and BP are safe traffic bets.

Explore: In the explore section, you can search any keyword term and Google will show you via a graphical representation, exactly where this term is trending, and which RELATED terms are actually better than the ones you have c언어 다운로드. Below the graph you will see the related terms, which are split into ‘top’ and ‘rising.’ Picking a top or rising keyword that is specific to a geographical area can get you a flood of new traffic from just the right area.

How Do I Use Google Trends To Create a Blog Post?

There are a few things every blog post should be – namely highly relevant, and interesting with a certain amount of mass appeal Download Umbrella Academy. Google Trends lets you focus on these areas, using their tools.

• You can add more than 1 search term to the graph which will streamline the results for you. Simply add the other search term to the top search bar, separating the two terms with a comma. You can also go directly to the search term area on the left, and add as many as you need there 3D studio max 다운로드. This area will also compare two opposing terms – for example I entered the terms ‘Twitter, Facebook’ and the graph clearly showed that more people want to know about Facebook as opposed to Twitter.

• Google also has a number of limitations you can put on the terms, so that you can filter out the content you don’t want. For example, you can limit your search to those conducted via web, image, news, products or on YouTube Brolstasberg edition.

• Naturally you can also choose the country you want to search, or just stick with the worldwide selection. This will help bloggers and social media managers hone in on trending terms in their own countries.

• There are also limitations on temporal searches (2004-present) and via category. Using these simple tools you will be able to beef up your blog or social post in no time at all gta5 life mode.
The Google Trend Title and Keyword Formula

Let’s pretend you’ve done a load of research and have identified some keyword terms for your parenting niche. In conjunction with these keywords you will now pop over to Google Trends to see if you can improve on two fairly dry terms.

By plugging in the term ‘parenting’ you already see the keyword overall is dropping html5 파일 다운로드. ‘Parenting magazine’ however is on the rise, as is ‘attachment parenting’ and ‘parenting classes.’ If you want to catch a keyword on the rise, you can choose ‘Facebook parenting’ instead. It’s all there for you to use.

Or you can add someone to your post to make it more exciting. Simply click on Top Charts, and choose your star! Right now, Miley Cyrus is big in the news, with 75 months in the top 10 search list. Add her to your post (perhaps not on parenting haha!) and you will get an extra traffic boost from the additional, relevant search term.

Browse the Top Charts lists to see what interesting additions you can add to your blog title. Sometimes a small change can make a huge SEO impact. Movie titles, famous celebs, trending business people – these time-specific trend searches can add that something extra you’ve been waiting for. It’s an amazing traffic acquisition tool.

By adding Google Trends to your social media strategy today, you are ensuring that your posts are highly engaging, relevant and optimized for SEO. Honestly, do you really need another reason to start using this tool?

What do you think of Google Trends as a social media tool?

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