How Using the Right Images Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

By on September 28, 2018

Most likely you are using visuals in your social media marketing strategy. How do you pick them? What makes you choose one over another? Visual content is the heart of social media because it’s great for convincing people, and brands know it Download the Tweet deck. Competition is rising, and to stand out you need to come up with something better than pictures taken from a Google search.

Nowadays all big social networks are putting emphasis on image and video content: it has become an essential part of marketing and a powerful tool for attracting users’ attention. Visuals are raising customer expectations and driving higher engagement, even networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. So if you are not using it, you are missing out on opportunities for your business 놀러와 다운로드.

Are you ready for the top 5 tips for using visuals in your social media marketing campaign?

  1. Focus on the main things

Properly chosen images and designs are based on good contrast – accentuate the differences in one image and make certain the required elements stand out. If you have a focal point that attracts users, your images will draw the attention to the main parts immediately, so why not to use that? You should not underestimate the importance of color, one of the key elements of contrast 삼성 핸드폰 드라이버.

As an alternative, use the differences in size and shape to create elements of contrast. A combination of these things in any image is best with a minimalist approach because contrast is easy to implement with a small number of elements. So you can use this strategy to draw attention to the parts of images that matter more – it will be a kind of visual hierarchy focusing on a certain element and guiding the viewer Download Natural Sounds.

  1. Different images – different networks

No matter what you used to think, you need to know that each social network is different and if something works on Instagram, it doesn’t mean it will work on Facebook. You need to consider that when picking visual content for your website because images drive engagement.

Let’s compare Instagram and Pinterest: Instagram images with a blue background look good, while on Pinterest it is better to use reddish-orange images Download youtube videos on your smartphone. You should stop sharing images to all networks and create a suitable image for each. Before you do that, study the practices for the required platform, taking into account dimensions, patterns, color trends etc. It will help you to maximize the performance of the image.

  1. People matter

When you create your advertisement, picture your target audience dapdate. They need to see themselves in your picture designs in order to be engaged. If you create it for millennials, the images of old people will not work; so show images that mirror themselves, which is your ideal customer. Put these people into situations your viewers can understand, and make them feel realistic. For example, you need to describe young adults on pictures that target young adults Download our dream. Picture them interacting with each other, using products that they enjoy – like smart phones.

  1.  Don’t forget about brand

Consistency should be considered when marketing your brand using social media. It may seem the opposite of standing out, but it’s actually the best way to train your viewers and help them to recognize your brand immediately 무협만화. Branding isn’t just including a logo, ensure that it has similar colors, frames, font styles and other important visual elements. The more consistent images are, the better your brand recognition.

Visual elements make your brand look more solid and established and help gain customer trust. The first thing you should do is identify your brand’s color scheme and choose fonts for typography 윈도우 설치 파일. Find the similarities your images have (people, scenes, shapes) and present the logo – only after you have done everything else. Use these elements throughout your social media images.

  1. Define image size

Following tip #2 that each platform is different, you should take into account the image sizes for each of them Download Fallout 4 mode. It is necessary for the images you choose to be the right size and orientation. Otherwise, they will automatically stretch, crop or compress fitting a different frame and the whole image will lose its look and feel. The visual appeal will be ruined, so try to remember the following:

  • Facebook 1200 x 900;
  • Twitter 506 x 253;
  • Instagram 1080 x 1080;
  • LinkedIn 350 x 350;
  • Google+ 506 x 506.

However, these dimensions sometimes change so periodically check for platform updates in advance so that you publish the correct sizes.

It’s not easy keeping up with the latest in social media marketing trends, but it is necessary if you want your campaign and brand to be noticed. It requires you to understand design and photography. If you don’t give up, you will make your business stand out with these simple image tips.

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